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Gametwerp Podcast Episode 157 – “We’re Adequate”

530d ago - Part of the Front Towards Gamer network. This week the Gametwerp cast says, "Not having Yiel... | Culture

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 124 – “SOPAN”

816d ago - "After last week’s pounding on co-host Iyield2no1, we decided to open up the show by messing with... | Culture

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 123 – “Let’s Diss Yield”

823d ago - "As you can tell from the title, we spent our time this week making fun of co-host Iyield2no1. Be... | Culture

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 118 – “Glass Armor and Backpack Puke"

865d ago - "A few technical issues on Yield’s audio track were the only downside this week. Otherwise, what’... | Culture

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 115 – “RTS for Books”

886d ago - "Most of this week was spent making fun of Yield for not reading Game of Thrones. In between jest... | Culture

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 108 – “Feliz Navidad”

942d ago - "Yes, we celebrated the holidays a little early this week. We also announced our contest winners... | Culture

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 107 – “Centaurs and Falling Planks”

949d ago - "Heyfling had some technical difficulties this week, but that didn’t stop us from putting out a q... | Culture

Gametwerp Highlights — Pope’s Audition

953d ago - "We’re back with another (late) installment of Gametwerp Highlights. It’s late, and it’s the last... | PC

Gametwerp Highlights — Earthquake

960d ago - "This week’s Gametwerp Highlight is a few days late, but we’ll blame that on the east coast black... | Culture

The Controlled Substance Podcast — 7th Dose

960d ago - Realism in Gaming — How do you feel about it? Mode, Ace, and SchollA discuss realism in gaming... | Nintendo DS

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 102 – “Cockney Accent Penguin”

983d ago - "We recorded this episode just a few hours before it was scheduled to release, so it’s understand... | PC

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 101 – “Cannon Arm Dude”

991d ago - "After a podcasting high with our hundredth episode, they crew came back down to earth for this n... | PC

The Controlled Substance - 6th Dose

995d ago - Survival Horror Dying, How can the Industry Revive it? On this dose Mode,Ace and SchollA at co... | PSP

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 100

998d ago - "After two and a half years, Gametwerp has reached the all-important hundredth episode! We’ve bro... | PC

The Controlled Substance Podcast — 5th Dose

1004d ago - PSN pass…..what will become? This podcast, patterned after the article of the same name. Mode,... | PSP

The Controlled Substance Podcast – 4th Dose

1011d ago - Developers…Great Businessmen? Or greater Con-men? On this lovely Independence Day –July 4th ep... | PC

CCU Presents: The Controlled Substance Podcast- 1st Dose

1071d ago - Ace, Mode, and SchollA bring another podcast full of substance. Show notes include: News: S... | PSP

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 93 – “Where’s His Head?”

1089d ago - "We had a pretty solid episode this week as we discussed a demo and dished out a new Bullet List.... | PC

The Gametwerp Podcast – “Catch ‘em All”

1095d ago - "As stated last episode, we don’t have a full episode for you all this week. What we do have is a... | Nintendo DS

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 91 – “Dead Kennedies”

1110d ago - "No, that title is not a reference to the seminal 80′s punk band (even if Pope is a fan). You’ll... | PC

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Console ControllUs proudly presents: The Rehab Show

1136d ago - It’s the GRAND OPENING, It’s the GRAND OPENING!!!, It’s finally here the Rehab Show starring Mode... | Nintendo DS

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 87 – Xena’s Boobs

1144d ago - "We had a blast recording this week’s show. We had so many great moments: the Kuribo moon-boot, g... | PC

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 86 – Power Rangers of the Old Republic

1152d ago - Pope missed another episode this week, but never fear – we had a guest! Our former cohost AcesHig... | PC

The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 81 – Spock Wrestles a Storm Trooper

1188d ago - Pope missed his first episode ever this week. Have no fear – TheBrain stepped up to hosting duty.... | PC

FTG Gametwerp Episode 76 – “Fails of the Decade”

1222d ago - The Gametwerp Podcast is back with an extra-length episode! This time around we talked about a bu... | PC

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