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Mario Party 5 - Impossible Gaming Vs Series Premiere

21h ago - You’ve witnessed Chadley and Tristan taking on some of history’s toughest video games in Impossib... | GameCube

Mega Man: The Best, Worst, & Weirdest Bosses

1d 3h ago - Den of Geek looks back at the best, worst, and weirdest bosses in the Mega Man franchise. | GameCube

Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Cancellations and Delays The Hedge Trimmers of Gaming

1d 17h ago - “Game ABC has been cancelled” or “Game XYZ has been delayed”. These are the words that every game... | GameCube

Psy Reviews It - Super Mario Sunshine

4d ago - This week we tackle the slightly odd but ultimately unique and fondly remembered follow-up to Mar... | GameCube

Four Features I Miss from the PS2 and GameCube Era of Gaming

7d ago - Games have come a long way, but I can't help but remember some of what made the PS2/Gamecube era... | Animal Crossing

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is getting a manga, starting next week

7d ago - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the subject of an upcoming manga series, which launches... | GameCube

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Ends Run on Genesis on a High Note – Today in History

7d ago - Carl Williams writes, "It is unclear what was going through the minds of the executives at Sega w... | GameCube

Metroid fans are trying to get fans together for Metroid´s 30th Anniversary

9d ago - This summer will become a very special summer for a certain Galactic bounty hunter. Yes, I´m of c... | Super Metroid

Evo 2016: A Guide to the 9 Games of Evo

11d ago - The roster of games has been announced for the Evolution Championship Series. What's new? What's... | GameCube

The Best Fire Emblem Games: All 6 Ranked

12d ago - Fire Emblem is a series that spans many years and has seen many changes. We take a look at which... | GameCube

Why Was Twilight Princess Brought to the Wii?

13d ago - 10 years ago, Twilight Princess made history by being the first Zelda game to be dual-released. W... | GameCube

The 10 Best Marvel Video Games of All Time

13d ago - Marvel videogames have definitely been a roller coaster. | GameCube

Greatest Video Game Composers: David Wise

13d ago - VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "One of the most difficult things to do in the video game industry is t... | Star Fox Adventures

Steve Okimoto has left Nintendo of America

14d ago - In a recent update to Linked In by Steve Okimoto Senior Manager of Developer Relations at Nintend... | GameCube

All 12 Resident Evil Spinoffs Ranked Worst to Best

14d ago - Twinfinite ranks the Resident Evil spinoffs | GameCube

A Beginner’s Guide to Mario RPGs

15d ago - Michibiku's Graham Russell writes, "Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam represents a collision of Nintendo’s... | GameCube

Top 10 Donkey Kong games

16d ago - Negative World says: "We’ve done practically every other Nintendo franchise with at least 10 entr... | GameCube

The 10 Best Ways To Recover Health In Video Games

16d ago - Yes, eating that hamburger will totally unbreak your rib cage. | Far Cry 2

The 5 Best Final Fantasy Spinoff Games

16d ago - Some of the best Final Fantasy titles lie outside of the main series of games. | GameCube

7 Weird Gaming Accessories

16d ago - GamerBolt: "Some of them will make you laugh, some may make you want to cry in frustration, and o... | GameCube

PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post

Game Scoop 374: The Best & Worst Console Codenames

16d ago - IGN: Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're discussing... | GameCube

Resident Evil Zero Graphics Comparison

16d ago - A look at the visuals of Resident Evil Zero across the generations. | Resident Evil 0

Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Head-to-Head Comparison p3 (Wii U vs. Wii, GameCube - Nintendo Minute)

17d ago - Gamexplain: We have an EPIC Zelda: Twilight Princess HD graphics comparison against the original... | GameCube

Video: See How Much Mario Kart has Changed Since Mario Kart 64

17d ago - Nintendo Life: It's been over a year since Mario Kart 8 was released on the Wii U and nearly 20 s... | GameCube

Hardware Review: We Look at a Definitive GameCube HDMI Mod

18d ago - Nintendo Life: Long-time fans of Nintendo have often harped on about the GameCube controller bein... | GameCube
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