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Eight things I'd like to see in Fallout 4.

834d ago ... Now I think we can all agree that the news that Bethesda didn’t decide to regale us with any Fallout 4 related info at E3 was a little more than disappointing and to be honest some (myself included) are getting desperate for news, but that doesn’t look likely. So, to drag my thoughts from this I wondered; What do I want from FO4? And; Do my fellow Fallout fans agree? These are the eight things...

Fallout: New Vegas (First Impressions)

1868d ago ... (Originally posted on So after trading in a lot of dust covered games and a spare console or two, I picked up the highly anticipated Fallout: New Vegas for the PC. Now let me get this out of the way by saying that I !#@%ing LOVED Fallout 3. Many's the time I can remember sitting in front of my monitor in the early hours of the morning, just exploring the wasteland, about...
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