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Outsourcing Catches On In Game Industry

2798d ago - There has been news of developers moving over seas, but not to much on actual outsourcing. As cos... | 29,13

Interview: SCEA's Scott Steinberg on PS3 Momentum

2799d ago - Gamedaily.Biz writes: "During GDC we sat down with Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing... | 29,1,2

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Interview: Former Atari engineer Allan Alcorn - Gaming Pioneers: Part One

2806d ago - GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "According to GDC 2008 attendee evaluations, the most popular sess... | 29,1,2,3,11,13

Interview: Chris Satchell Talks XNA, Zune & More

2807d ago - At the recent GDC Gamedaily sat down with Chris Satchell, GM of the Game Developer Group for Micr... | 29, 2, 12, 13, 14

Why Video Game Stories are "Stupid"

2807d ago - If you want people to follow your plot," Ken Levine told the audience, "it has to be re... | 29,2,11,12

Q&A: Can Games Provide Meaningful Discussion?

2809d ago - What if a game's legacy weren't its set pieces or its graphics, but the issues and choices player... | 29,11,13

N+: Beyond The Postmortem - 'Those decisions that are ruining Live Arcade'

2810d ago - Gamasutra writes: "In this interview, N creators Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard of developer... | 29,2,11,13

Peter Molyneux Talks Fable 2, BioShock Lessons - Leaves Interviewer Confused

2811d ago - At long last MTV Multiplayer has transcribed its GDC interview with Peter Molyneux, head of Lionh... | 29,2

Peter Molyneux Interview: From Fable 2 to Connect Four

2811d ago - Shacknews writes: "During last month's Game Developers Conference, my beloved co-worker... | 29, 2, 12, 13

PSP Fanboy interview: Secret Agent Clank's Lesley Mathieson

2812d ago - PSP Fanboy writes: "Way back at GDC weeks ago, we had a chance to chat with Lesley Mathieson... | 29,4

Interview: BioWare's Design Docs

2812d ago - BioWare's founders open up about their games, the company's beginnings and recent sale, and even... | 29,2,5,8,12

WarCry Network: Earthrise: GDC Preview

2812d ago - The MMO market has become increasingly tough arena to fight in for small, independently funded st... | 29,12

IGN Vault: Jumpgate Evolution Preview

2812d ago - NetDevil is hard at work on a space combat MMORPG called Jumpgate Evolution. The game is set to l... | 29,12

GTTV Extended Cuts - Microsoft: John Schappert

2812d ago - GTTV writes: "John Schappert lets us know what big games you will be playing on the Xbox 360... | 29,2

Games still don't tell good stories, says Warren Spector - Develop Q&A part 1

2812d ago - Warren Spector, the mastermind behind the Deus Ex franchise and Thief 3, has spoken about his dis... | 29, 11, 13

New Details Unveiled for Prototype: Mayhem Unleashed

2813d ago - Gamedaily writes: "After working on The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for Sierra Gam... | 29, 1, 2, 12

EndWar Blog: GDC

2814d ago - Last month Ubisoft sent their very own Michael de Plater (Creative Director on EndWar) to the Gam... | 29,1,2,15

Online Shooter Brings Cash-For-Kills Gaming To U.S., Only In States Where It's Legal

2814d ago - MTV Multiplayer writes: "Ever wanted to translate your gaming skills into dollar bills?... | 29, 11, 12

Unformatted: Episode 2

2815d ago - Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "This is our new weekly podcast. We basically get toget... | 29,1,2,3

Unreal Console Success - Interview: Epic's Michael Capps

2815d ago - GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Epic Games has really raised its profile on videogame consoles ov... | 29,1,2,13

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TGR: Fracture Preview

2816d ago - Get the latest on this innovative shooter where the best weapon is right under your feet. | 29,1,2

The Too Human Side of Denis Dyack, Part 3

2817d ago - Crispy Gamer tracked down Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack post-GDC to get details about the... | 29,1,2,11

The Too Human Side of Denis Dyack, Part 2

2817d ago - Crispy Gamer tracked down Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack post-GDC get details about the de... | 29,2,11,13

GameTrailers TV- GDC Episode

2817d ago - This week on Gametrailers TV, catch the big guns from GDC 08 as Scott Steinberg form Sony and Joh... | 29,11

Gametrailers: Invisible Walls Episode 1

2817d ago - Get the inside scoop on the industry with Gametrailers brand new weekly show! | 29, 11

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