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The Top 10 Games for Perverts

232d ago - Rice Digital investigates some of Japans more interesting titles. Sexy or disgusting, you decide. | Culture

Four Crazy First-Person Shooters You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

621d ago - With the once vibrant and colourful FPS scene now dominated by a homogenous mass of dull, po-face... | PC

Gal Gun Was Supposed to Have 456 Panty Designs…. Now 36 Less! DLC Potential?

841d ago - It turns out that they originally had 456 designs, which is 36 less than originally intended, quo... | PS3

Blood Donations for Gal*Gun Posters

843d ago - Those attending Comiket81 will be able to donate blood and recieve a poster from one of five Japa... | Culture

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Gal Gun PS3 Has 423 Types of Panties

850d ago - The PlayStation 3 version of Gal Gun has 423 types of panties, Alchemist announced today, noting,... | PS3

PS3 Gal Gun Trailer Confirms Pantsu

865d ago - Andriasang: Xbox 360 owners lots their pantsu privileges when Alchemist censored Gal Gun via a po... | PS3

Gal Gun PlayStation 3 Screenshots

954d ago - Andriasang: Check out the infinitely superior looking PS3 version, which looks a million times be... | PS3

Big in Japan - Gal Gun Import

959d ago - The moepocalypse is here as GameZone’s Richard Eisenbeis goes on a love arrow shooting spree in h... | Xbox 360

Pheromone Shooter Gal Gun Comes to PS3 with Move Support

963d ago - Andriasang: Another major Xbox 360 exclusive is making the move to PlayStation 3. Famitsu has fir... | PS3

Andriasang: This Week's Flying Get

1124d ago - New Legend of Heroes and Falcom NGP support! First real Atelier Meruru details! The latest inform... | Nintendo DS

Andriasang: More Examples of Gal Gun's Camera Patch

1124d ago - No more aiming up for you! | Xbox 360

Gal Gun Gets No Pantsu Patch

1136d ago - Andriasang: Pheromone shooter Gal Gun is getting patched on the 18th. The patch fixes some bugs a... | Xbox 360

Gal Gun Gets Umineko Costume

1164d ago - Andriasang: Girls in Xbox 360 rails shooter show just a bit less skin in second round of DLC. | Xbox 360

40 minutes of WTF: A Gal Gun Quick Play (HD) [GigaBoots]

1171d ago - Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro from play Gal Gun for the Xbox 360. This Japanese import is... | Xbox 360

GalGun demo impressions

1181d ago - GameSnark writes: "Perhaps the most important information I could glean from this demo is the iss... | Xbox 360

Gal Gun Final Version Cuts Load Times By Five

1184d ago - Alchemist promises a much improved experience over the demo version. | Xbox 360

Gal Gun Demo Available Today in Japan

1184d ago - Andriasang: Alchemist's promised Gal Gun demo became available for download on Xbox Live Marketpl... | Xbox 360

Gal Gun Demo Set For Friday

1186d ago - Andriasang: Sadly, you won't get to sample the newly revealed Underwater and Delusion modes. | Xbox 360

Gal Gun: Naughty PV and Disgusting Retail Bonuses

1215d ago - Andriasang: The Gal Gun retail bonuses range from embarrassing to incriminating. | Xbox 360

Goodbye Gal☆Gun Panties!?

1219d ago - Kotaku: Looks that way. Creepy cute Japanese shooter Gal☆Gun used to be wall-to-wall underpants.... | Xbox 360

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Gal Gun Screenshots

1236d ago - 21 new screenshots from Gal Gun. | PS3

Sun of a Podcast #18 Bimbou Hima Nashi HD

1248d ago - Shane finds out that golden headphones attract the strangest people. Martin goes overboard with B... | Nintendo DS

360 imports that push the envelope off the table

1250d ago - We know about Japan’s gaming stereotypes, including (but not limited to): spiky haired protagonis... | Xbox 360

Your Gal Gun Retail Bonuses

1253d ago - Andriasang: These GalGun retailer bonuses look... just about right given the smuttiness of the ga... | Xbox 360

Microsoft Apparently Wants Gal Gun Changed

1257d ago - Andriasang: Aoi Uno's bunny ears read: "Firmly Against." Aoi appears to be protesting some change... | Xbox 360
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