Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
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From Cat, With Love Uncanny Valley is a survival horror indie game. Cowardly Creations is tired of seeing action games marketed as survival horr...

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The Coolest, Weirdest Gabe Newell Fan Art We Could Find

479d ago - Kotaku - How much does the internet love Valve's Gabe Newell? Enough to regularly draw fan art of... | Culture

4chan Sends Gabe Newell a Birthday Card, and Charges Him For a Hat

612d ago - Saturday was Gabe Newell’s 50th birthday and the fine folks of 4chan (from /video games/ specific... | Culture

Epic Gabe Newell wallpaper is epic

847d ago - Valve frontman Gabe Newell receives his own, Half Life 3-inspired wallpaper. | Culture
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