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Blade & Soul – Winner of Korea Game Awards 2012

1186d ago - At the annual Korea Game Awards just a few hours ago, an event which happens before the day G*Sta... | PC

Black Desert – Preparing to launch next year

1186d ago - Even though PearlAbyss, developer of the upcoming Black Desert, did not have an appearance in the... | PC

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Exclusive video from the G-Star 2012

1186d ago - MMOR writes: After the previous gallery of photos, here is a short video montage that our hero... | PC

First Multi-hero Battle MMORPG -- Infinity Hero Debuts

1186d ago - Veiled in the mysterious mists, "Infinty Hero" has finally launched its amazing trailer at G-Star... | PC

F.E.A.R: Origin Online – Meaty trailer shows off PvE and PvP

1186d ago - F.E.A.R: Origin Online, developed by Inplay Interactive, will be going into Closed Beta come 22nd... | PC

Wild Buster - Brief Look at the Game Demo

1186d ago - Revealed in March this year, developer Star Ducks Studio finally put out a game demo for Wild Bus... | PC

Korean model Lee Ji Min is Razer's spokesgirl at G-Star 2012

1186d ago - Donning a black mini dress, Korean model Lee Ji Min was recently hired as the spokesgirl for Raze... | PC

In South Korea, This Nintendo Booth Shows How Far the Company Has Come

1187d ago - At this year's G-Star gaming expo in South Korea, the country's Nintendo branch rolled out a nice... | Wii

Take a look to these images from the G-STAR 2012

1189d ago - MMOR writes: We have travelled to Busan, Korea, for the international exhibition of video games,... | PC

Sneak Peek: The G-STAR 2012

1189d ago - G-Star 2012 started today. Let's see some teaser images. | PC

Nexon's Show Girls revealed for G-star 2012

1191d ago - Top Korean game company, Nexon, unveiled its show girls for the upcoming Korean convention G-star... | PC

Who will be the C9 and AC World Champions at G-Star?

1193d ago - WEBZEN will be hosting Continent of the Ninth Seal and Arctic Combat World Championship finals at... | PC

C9 US Champion going to G-Star 2012 in Korea

1207d ago - Webzen has announced the successful hosting and completion of the GNGWC 2012 C9 World Championshi... | PC
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