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KKEnt’s First Impression of FUSE Demo on PlayStation 3

928d ago - Kuma Wrote: There were a lot of new games released lately, but one of them is a demo called FUSE... | Xbox 360

Fuse First Impression [NoobFeed]

929d ago - Adam from NoobFeed takes on Fuse demo. The new Fuse mechanics are interesting, especially when yo... | Xbox 360

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Fuse Preview [SpawnFirst]

929d ago - "Originally titled Overstrike, this cooperative third-person shooter has since been renamed to Fu... | Xbox 360

Fuse Demo Impressions [Horrible Night]

931d ago - Justin Lacey: "After playing the demo, Insomniac Games completely reassured me as the game couldn... | Xbox 360

USA TODAY Preview: Insomniac's 'Fuse' sparks focus on teamwork

942d ago - by Brett Molina If you're tackling a title from video game studio Insomniac Games, one thing c... | Xbox 360

Fuse preview | Gaming Capacity

952d ago - Insomniac are best known for their Resistance games. When the lonely Lombax was fixing his ship h... | Xbox 360

Fuse Hands-On Preview: It's Raining Lead | The Escapist

965d ago - The Escapist: "At first glance, Fuse is rather familiar shooter fare: A group of four gun-toting... | Xbox 360

Fuse Hands-On - More than a Sleeper Hit | Hardcore Gamer

966d ago - Fuse is a solid third-person, co-op shooter through Insomniac’s lens. It’s well-made, boasts fant... | Xbox 360

VB - Underneath Fuse’s brilliant combat system is a steep learning curve (preview)

997d ago - VB - Insomniac Games says it'll be the best four-player co-op shooter when it releases later this... | Xbox 360

Fuse impressions and insight on the project from Ted Price [BuzzFocus]

1008d ago - Fuse has great co-op play that is both encouraged and very fun to play. Shooting feels solid and... | Xbox 360

Oddball World Of Fuse: Splicing The Insomniac DNA With Smash TV | Joystiq

1008d ago - Brenna Hillier: ''Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price would rather make a fun game than worry about aut... | Xbox 360

X360A - Fuse Hands-On Preview – Four-Play's Fun

1009d ago - X360A - When Fuse broke cover under the moniker of Overstrike during E3 2011, most gamers we're e... | Xbox 360

Fuse Preview | 360e

1012d ago - Fuse is a shooting game in the third person placing great emphasis on cooperation, as being four... | Xbox 360

Fuse skips competitive multiplayer, opts for Echelon | Destructoid

1013d ago - Destructoid: "Insomniac Games is one of the few developers that believes this notion, and thus, c... | Xbox 360

Fuse hands-on - warping the cover shooter beyond recognition? | OXM UK

1013d ago - OXM UK: "Fuse is a game whose visuals sell it brutally short. The technology is impressive, and t... | Xbox 360

Fuse Hands on Preview | Clickonline

1013d ago - Clickonline writes: "We have seen and played Fuse since its rebrand – it was formerly known as Ov... | Xbox 360

Fuse Hands-On: Why Insomniac Had To Delay It

1013d ago - NowGamer: Insomniac Games' first multiplatform game has been delayed, but that's not such a bad t... | Xbox 360

ArabicGamers- Fuse multiplayer preview

1013d ago - The chance to work on a new IP gives developers the opportunity to explore new territory. It allo... | Xbox 360

onStart – FUSE Preview - onPause

1014d ago - onPause writes: Insomniac Games is well known for its excellent video game franchises on the v... | Xbox 360

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Fuse PS3 preview – co-op that shows the team who slays together, stays together OPM

1014d ago - OPM: Look, we can’t al go the Drake-looking dude with the cheaty quantum physics-distorting shiel... | Xbox 360

Hands On With Insomniac’s Fuse | STFUandPlay

1014d ago - Tony Polanco of STFUandPlay writes, "During the most recent EA event held in New York City, I got... | Xbox 360

Fuse Preview (Strategy Informer)

1014d ago - From Strategyinformer.com: ""In terms of tone Fuse takes the dry humour and lethal teamwork of Mi... | Xbox 360

Insomniac leaves Sony exclusivity behind in new shooter Fuse | EDGE

1024d ago - EDGE: "First it was Overstrike, and now it’s Fuse. It seems appropriate that Insomniac’s first ga... | Xbox 360

50 Original IPs to Watch in 2013 by The Black Panel

1035d ago - The Black Panel writes: Welcome to the fourth annual edition of New Horizons. You can forget abou... | PC


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