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393d ago - The game is set in the near future and follows a team of four misfit agents collectively known as... | Xbox 360

Fuse Review: Insomniac Nails Their First Multiplatform Game | EntertainmentBuddha

395d ago - Insomniac Games has been making great video games exclusively for Sony consoles for years, but th... | Xbox 360

Fuse Walkthrough [Guide]

397d ago - Fuse is a four player co-op shooter from Insomniac Games, the creators of Spyro the Dragon and Ra... | Xbox 360

Fuse Review | Clickonline

398d ago - Clickonline writes: "Let’s get this out of the way, it’s not exactly a bad game. Fundamentally an... | Xbox 360

Study Game Design at DeVry

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GamesAsylum: Fuse - Review

399d ago - If we were asked to name three things Insomniac has brought to the world of videogames our reply... | Xbox 360

El33tonline Review: Fuse

399d ago - El33tonline Review: "Our universe is full of things that no one understands, are dangerous, an... | Xbox 360

Fuse (PlayStation 3) Review - Push Square

399d ago - Push Square: "Fuse is a boring game that just so happens to be tolerable with friends. Aside from... | PS3

Fuse Review | Ginx

400d ago - Ginx writes: 'When it comes to defining Sony’s PlayStation consoles, Insomniac Games have play... | Xbox 360

rawDLC: Episode 129 – Fused together

401d ago - This week the rawDLC studio gets invaded by not only special guest GameArena’s Joab Gilroy but as... | Xbox 360

Cohesive fusion: Our top five co-op moves in Fuse

401d ago - Since rawDLC got it in their hot little hands Dave and Josh have been smashing out as much Fuse a... | Xbox 360

Fuse Review | Good Game

401d ago - There's nothing broken or terrible about Fuse. It's just powerfully average in every way possible. | Xbox 360

Fuse Review (Invision Game Community)

402d ago - In FUSE you play as the four members of team OverStrike 9, the four being Dalton, who uses the Ma... | Xbox 360

Do you know what company bit the dust with its new game?

402d ago - Insomniac has failed on its new multiplatform experience. Fuse is one of the worst selling tit... | Xbox 360

Fuse review |SG Gaming Info

402d ago - With a portfolio as strong as Insomniac Games, Fuse is a rather disappointing game. Both enemy an... | Xbox 360

Fuse Review by The Black Panel

404d ago - The Black Panel writes: This is a game that makes you want to wait for the sequel. It has the ide... | Xbox 360

Fuse review: There's really nothing confusing about this game | Holy Moly

404d ago - It's not that Fuse is a bad game, in fact in many ways it's a competent, fun title, it's just th... | Xbox 360

Fuse Review | post it gamer

404d ago - Ray from states "Traditionally when you see Insomniac’s name associated with a ti... | Xbox 360

Zero Punctuation Fuse

406d ago - This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Fuse. | Xbox 360

DIehard GameFAN: FUSE Review

408d ago - DHGF: In Fuse, you shoot things. What’s that? That description a little lacking for you? Try play... | Xbox 360

Fuse Review | Gameological

408d ago - Fuse strikes a G.I. Joe pose but forgets to pack a personality with the guns. | Xbox 360

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Fuse Review | AusGamers

408d ago - Fuse is what happens when someone had a great idea that got greenlighted in a meeting 4 years ago... | Xbox 360

Fuse review | Gamesblip

408d ago - Gamesblip writes about EA's Fuse for the PS3. | PS3

Pixelated Radio 56: E3, State of Decay, Animal Crossing, The Last of Us, CastleStorm, and much more

408d ago - In this week's episode, the guys talk about E3, State of Decay, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, The La... | PC

Fuse Review - Chet & Jon

408d ago - Chet sticks up for EA and Insomniac's bland but mildly delightful squad-based blaster Fuse. Th... | Xbox 360

Review - Fuse [Mweb Gamezone]

408d ago - Mweb GameZone reviews Insomniac Game's, Fuse, the four-player co-op shooter that turns out to be... | Xbox 360


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