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Reaction: Konami Heads to Mobile Gaming. Really?

200d ago ... That's the reality of it everyone. Konami is officially going toward mobile gaming. No more will they release games on console, PC, or handheld devices. Gamers can expect that Konami's new vision for the future is unquestionably reliant on the mobile gaming market. That being said I just have one question for my fellow gamers: Does anyone else here think that they are utterly insane? Konami....

Fifa 14 or PES 2014 Which Will be Better?

876d ago ... Throughout the years PES and Fifa have always been battling and since the 1990s both games have been fighting for supremacy in the soccer/ football gaming world. There are fans of both games that argue continuously about the more supreme game. Many even widely agree that PES was the superior title on all generations prior to the current generation of platforms. The current-gen was dominated by...
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