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My Forge Review

Recently, Dark Vale Games has come out with a new computer game called FORGE, which is a PvP style game with MMO style of play and some FPS elements; or so they say. When I got sent this game, I was excited to see what was in store for me. I have never been to much of an MMO styled game, but I was willing to give this game a full run through. To my surprise it was a fairly decent game, not one I fully appreciate with my taste in games, but nonetheless it was very well-built and quite fun to play.

One thing that stands out to me is its in-depth tutorial that runs you through each class and teaches you about the attacks, defense, and different special abilities that makes each class unique and fitting individuals’ playing styles. There are 5 classes to choose from; the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman, and (my favorite) the Warden. Each one is unique and will fit to your style of play, whatever that may be. In this review I will tell you a little bit about each class.

I’m going to start with my personal favorite, the Warden, which is a tank type that has good defense, health, and attack which makes it an extremely dangerous opponent at close range due to its special abilities and attacks. When the Warden attacks it weakens an opponents attack strength and makes it weaker, so be wary of running into one. Also, it’s got many other attacks which are too many to name but they will be a sight to behold.

Next, we have the Assassin class which “are masters of deception and deadly combatants. Armed with poisons, daggers, and the ability to shift into the realm of shadow, they are feared like no other. Assassins rely on deception to gain the upper hand on opponents. While they are skilled fighters, their light armor grants them little defense against the coordinated attacks of their enemies, making them unable to fight in the open for too long” (quoted from the site itself). I personally do not prefer this class but you may have a blast with its quick and dangerous attacks. Just be careful.

The next class we have is the Pathfinder class which “are sentinels of the forest. They’ve mastered the bow and laying of traps, and use both to keep their enemies from ever getting close. Their deadly accuracy and knowledge of nature allows them to use arrows to control the flow of battle. Pathfinders wear medium armor, but are light on their feet. The best defense a Pathfinder has is their ability to keep the enemy at a distance through the clever use of traps and specialized shots.” these are very useful for long range attack and surprising your enemy with a nasty trap. Also use their speed to your advantage and know when to fight and when to run.

We then have the Pyromancer which “are born of lords and nobles. Through their endless and shamelessly expensive devotion to the craft of magic, they are able to manipulate the destructive element of fire, using it to burn and destroy their enemies. The concentration required to use such abilities forces them to often remain stationary while using their most powerful attacks. While their armor is enchanted to protect against their own flame, it offers little protection against all else. Their best defense is staying away from the heart of battle and fighting from the edge.” These are best to be used for ranged players who also like to cause massive damage but be wary of getting to close to the fight or you will not last long.

Finally we have the Shaman which “have an arsenal of abilities at their disposal designed to restore the health or otherwise support their allies in battle. With minimal offensive tools at their disposal, they rely on their allies to clear the field of enemies. Though they’re not direct combatants themselves, they are sturdy enough to survive in the heart of battle.” These are perfect for support type players and, when used right, can turn the tide in any battle.

So over all this is a very well made game and the classes are very unique and fit to a playing style but there is one issue i find which is the fact that many of them seem to similar and make the game very limited without other additional classes. The game itself runs smooth with very good graphics and unique playing environments but sometimes the lighting and lack of map make it difficult to acheive your objective. The controls are easy to use and learn but take time to remember what is what that is why i suggest you do the tutorial before hand. Now not all of the maps are out so i cannot comment on all of them but if you visit the site it will tell you more about whats in store. This game is for MMO style players in a PvP format with each class, tho some are similar, being fitted to a players style. I personally would not buy this game but if you wish to craft your own opinion feel free to give it a go, who knows you may like it.



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