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ZTGD | Forced Review

89d ago - John Whitehouse writes: It was bound to happen sooner or later; Ken often throws these twin-stick... | PC

Forced Review | TXH

96d ago - Joao writes "The graphical style, the isometric view, the fantasy theme; everyone remembers title... | PC

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FORCED available to download now on Xbox One

111d ago - Neil writes "There's a new co-op RPG on the Xbox One Games Store and it gives you the chance to t... | Xbox One

Entertainment Buddha Unboxes the July 2014 Indiebox

556d ago - Owen Hibbert of Entertainment Buddha writes "There is a chance you will find that you receive a g... | PC

Interview with ID@Xbox Developer BetaDwarf | Pure|News

686d ago - Pure|News had the chance to talk with Beta Dwarf one of the studios involved with the ID@Xbox Ind... | Xbox One

SteamFirst Review: Forced

687d ago - SteamFirst: A game that definitely deserves a try. Forced is role-playing game with local and onl... | PC

The Gladiators of Action-RPG Sleeper Hit "Forced" Are Coming to Xbox One

691d ago - At this year’s Game Developers Conference Danish Indie developer, BetaDwarf, has announced, that... | Xbox One

Presspauseradio's Quarter Circle Forward Review: Forced

750d ago - "With platforms like Steam and the new wave of online multiplayer, it's never been easier to find... | PC

Forced Review | Z-Giochi

761d ago - Forced is a one to four-player co-op arcade action RPG with puzzle and tactical elements. You are... | PC

10 Awesome Indie Games You May Have Missed During 2013 - Gamezebo

770d ago - Ten Awesome Indie Games You Won't Want To Miss Out On, from 2013 | PC

Forced and MirrorMoon EP Highlight Humble Storefront Sale

789d ago - Hardcore Gamer: The Humble Store has some new deals on display, including Forced for $10.49 and M... | PC

Forced Review Obstructed Views

794d ago - What do you get when you combine your typical “hack and slash” RPG with mind boggling puzzles? Th... | PC

FORCED Review | Destructoid

796d ago - Destructoid - "At first glance, FORCED looks like a typical action role-playing game, cut from th... | PC

Game Guys review - Forced

796d ago - Indie computer game Forced by BetaDwarf is a title in which players face countless challenges in... | PC

Forced Review | PixelPerfectGaming

797d ago - What would you get if you were to combine Diablo with a MOBA-style game? You would end up with Fo... | PC

FORCED Review - Zero1Gaming

803d ago - In his latest article for Zero1Gaming, Chris reviews FORCED; a gladitorial arena-based combat gam... | PC

Review: Forced (DarkZero)

803d ago - "If you walked past a busy classroom at a University you’d probably think nothing of it, even if... | PC

FORCED – Review (PC) | CriticalIndieGamer

808d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer) FORCED’s story does a rather nice job of showing just how good you’ve got it... | PC

Forced Review | RPGamer

810d ago - Like the insurgence we witnessed of first-person-shooters some years ago, hack 'n' slash action R... | PC

Forced Review | Hardcore Gamer

818d ago - Forced is an interesting title for a game, isn't it? It doesn't seem grammatically correct or eve... | PC

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Forced Review | NZGamer

820d ago - NZG - "I have to admit that when this game arrived in my inbox for review I was uninspired. I ima... | PC

Indie Game Insider | FORCED Review

820d ago - Standing on the shoulders of other co-op isometric brawlers, FORCED represents a step forward in... | PC

VGU Previews: FORCED (1/2)

823d ago - Welcome to FORCED. The game by BetaDwarf that takes you on a road through Gladiatorial combat and... | PC

VGU Previews: FORCED (2/2)

823d ago - Welcome to FORCED. The game by BetaDwarf that takes you on a road through Gladiatorial combat and... | PC

FORCED Review | The Indie Mine

826d ago - Skulls crack, soldiers bleed, and limbs fly as The Indie Mine reviews FORCED, a tactical arena ga... | PC
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