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  • compelling story{good use of sixaxis{a lot of side
  • a few flaws in the story{could use more FMV cutsce

Tim Burton meets the Muppets meets Pokemon

If Tim Burton, Jim Hansen and the Pokemon creators got together and decided to create a video game it would look a lot like Folklore. The artstyle from the Folk & Folklore to the beautiful chapters of the Netherworld which you explore is very beautifully colored and vibrant.

In Folklore you play as 2 different characters each with their own side of one story. The story revolves around a mysterious town called Doolin in which both characters (Ellen & Keats) have been mysteriously called to. Each character will be trying to solve their own puzzle to a story that intersects and so it is cool to be able to play 2 sides of 1 story.

Folklore is more of an action game than an RPG, though it does have some RPG elements to it. The main game mechanics is to fight the Folks that you encounter in the various worlds and capture their iDs (souls) and when you have done that you assign the Folk to one of the buttons and you use them to attack or defend. This game makes good use of the Sixaxis since you need to use it in order to capture the Folk iDs by holding down the R1 button and pulling up to absorb the iDs. There are a few different ways to absorb the iDs depending on the enemy and sometimes it takes a while to do so.

At the end of each Realm you will have to defeat a Folklore and they are fairly large creatures and you need to know which Folks to use to do damage to them. This also applies to attacking the various Folks throughout the realms. There are different elements of Folks like wind, water, fire, physical attacks, etc.

The most compelling part of this game would have to be the story as it unravels. Each time you find another piece of the puzzle it presents another question and so it keeps you guessing. The art direction is different because it does not use FMV much, though there are cutscenes in FMV, but the majority of the scenes are comic book style.

This game is fun and there are many sidequests and downloadable content available for this game. There are many Cloaks to find for Ellen also.

So if anyone is interested in a story that is puzzling and a mystery genre then I would recommend you playing this game. I think it is under-rated and it deserves a little bit more praise than what it's gotten.

innovative use of sixaxis and not a big learning curve
beautiful landscapes and monsters/creatures
a very nice soundtrack that compliments the game and its levels
Fun Factor
compelling story makes you want to solve the mystery and capturing iDs and Folks is fun
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PS360WII3767d ago

Yes this is an amazing game for sure and mostly unnoticed due to all the other blockbusters that came out :( Nice write up and good score

heyheyhey3767d ago

i didn't like the game that much- too much random button mashing

good review though

lonestarmt3767d ago

I really liked folklore. However I felt that if they just went with cut scenes like in final fantasy instead of slow moving text it would have been twice as popular.