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Folklore Reviews  

Loot Ninja's Folkore Review

2998d ago - Folklore was a fairly anticipated title for the PS3, especially after the demo was released and i... | 1

Folklore: PlayTM Review

3007d ago - Folklore has some grand ambitions. Not satisfied with delivering a mildly diverting plaything, th... | 1

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Folklore isnt a true RPG game, but it is epic, read Wonderwallweb's review to find out why.

3020d ago - Folklore is probably one of the best and most original games to be released on the console so far. | 1

EGM Gives 5/10 to Folklore, 8/10 to Eye of Judgement

3021d ago - Some new scans have just been released from Electronic Gaming Montly. It appears they like the E... | 1

PS3UK Review: Folklore 6.5/10

3022d ago - RPGs are a common thing nowadays, but Folklore has taken basic RPG elements mixed them with a str... | 1

PSU Explores the World of Folklore (PS3 Review)

3027d ago - Folklore delves players into a world where the living meet the dead. Through its fantastic art di... | 1

Gameplayer Reviews Folklore - 8/10

3027d ago - Freudian Faeries, Dead People, and Soul Sucking Fun. Gameplayer has gone live with their verdict... | 1

Wonderwallweb Review Folklore

3035d ago - In the run up to Christmas the Playstation 3 catalogue is now starting to grow and thankfully a l... | 1

Folklore Video Review (

3036d ago - From Folklore offers a beautifully surreal world and some innovative c... | 1

Folklore RPGamer review

3038d ago - In the end, Folklore is a true masterpiece. From its graphics and sound, to its masterfully told... | 1

Folklore Review 9/10: A must buy PS3 game

3039d ago - Folklore, a new Japanese RPG from Game Republic, is arguably the first RPG worth noticing on PS3.... | 1

One of the first great titles for the PS3 is Folklore - 8.7/10

3040d ago - Folklore sets itself apart from the current game magazine of the PS3 for a huge variety of reason... | 1

Folklore Review 8/10: "An experience that no PS3 owner should miss"

3045d ago - Of all of Sony's titles this year, Folklore may have received the least attention from the gaming... | 1

Folklore: An Unexpected Treasure With a Wonderfully Told Story

3045d ago - AMN gives Folklore an 8.9/10 rating the game from visuals to gameplay to lasting appeal. Don... | 1

Folklore: Pro-G Review gives 8/10

3045d ago - So if the game has only above average combat, a middle-of-the road story and repetitive, linear g... | 1

Folklore gets a 4/5 from Gamepro

3046d ago - The score is effectively an 8/10. This is what the reviewer said :- "Folklore also... | 1

Gamingtrend gives Folklore 83/100

3046d ago - Another great review for this upcoming PS3 exclusive RPG. This is what the reviewer said;... | 1

Folklore: 1up review 7.5/10

3047d ago - The mystical overtones of Folklore are apparent upon first glance, which leads many to think it's... | 1

Folklore Gets 9/10 From Play: An Enigma

3047d ago - Play's Nick Des Barres writes: Game Republic's Folklore is an enigma. I'm going to tell it to y... | 1

Folklore gets an 8.5/10 from GamerNode

3048d ago - Another great review of this stellar game . This is what the reviewer said :- "Folklore... | 1

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Folklore: UnderGround Online (UGO) Review

3048d ago - UGO reviewer Adam Rosenberg writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment's Folklore may not be the k... | 1

Gamespy: Folklore Review 4/5

3048d ago - The hallucinogenic storybook atmosphere is intoxicating, and the sense that you're living out som... | 1

PSX Extreme Reviews Folklore

3050d ago - PSX Extreme find it fairly unusual to see Sony bringing out some of the most unique looking title... | 1

Gamespot's Folklore Review

3051d ago - Gamespot writes: "If you had proof that there was life after death, would you live different... | 1

GameZone gives Folklore a 9/10

3051d ago - There are those who choose to not believe in the possible rather than believe in the improbable,... | 1
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