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The Funomena: When All You Can Make Are Games

436d ago ... It is difficult to predict what exactly Funomena has in store. They’re a team of developers with backgrounds creating games like [i]The Sims[/i], [i]Journey[/i], [i]Noby Noby Boy[/i], [i]Katamari Damacy[/i], [i]Flower[/i], and [i]The Walking Dead[/i] - just to name a few. Things like "kittens", "monkeys", "Origami", and "sunshine" top the team's list of Favorites. They have a logo made of block...

Sony’s E3 Show and Rating

847d ago ... Sony has had it easy thus far with the PS4, thanks to the competition’s fumbles. So did they take it easy at E3 or did they kill it. Jack Trenton: Yes by this point due to all the gifs the PlayStation bosses are celebrities. Jack comes out and thanks the fans and gives a quick overview of the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4. It’s nice, but let’s get to the games Jack. Batman Origins Counter Sp...

365 Days of Gaming - Day 14: Flower

1351d ago ... Flower is a video game that offers a wonderful change of pace from the common and favoured genres of gaming. From an independent company by the game of Thatgamecompany, Flower is intended to arouse positive emotions in the player, through simple and peaceful gameplay, beautiful and light instrumental music, stunning visuals, and a feeling of accomplishment every time you complete your goals....

PSN holding Sony Back?

1950d ago ... Well, I gave up my first PS3 quite a while ago. Is imply did not use it. The Blu-ray did not bitstream, so I had a standalone player and the games I played most were on Xbox. I also found Live! to be a far superior online experience and XBLA to have much better casual games. Well, here I am now with a PS3 Slim, bitstreaming my Blu-rays and my Xbox in retirement. Do I miss the Xbox, yes. But...

Xbox 360 users who wants a PS3

2381d ago ... For users who currently own an Xbox 360 and want a PS3, however they can't afford it. Demon Soul, KillZone 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Flower etc All these greats games you want to try out. I've written this to explain how to get a PS3 now and get a 360 later. The 360 is pure CHEAP, 160gb only cost 160 pound at amazon.co.uk, yet I paid 230 pound for a 20gb version.

Flower and Varmints - Seperated at birth?

2420d ago ... Hi, Cajun Chicken here again, this post is about the similarities of themes with an animation short and Flower for PS3. Read on if you adore what Flower contains artistically, in themes and music.
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