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Kill the Past: How Killer is Dead May Take Suda51 Back to His Roots

1121d ago - GP writer Marcus Estrada discusses why he believes Suda51's new upcoming game Killer is Dead may... | Xbox 360

Top 6 Suda 51 Games

1334d ago - GP: "Goichi 'Suda 51' Suda is one of the more prolific game developers in recent memory. The game... | GameCube

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PALGN: Flower Sun and Rain Review

2001d ago - PALGN writes: "What is ‘paradise’? If ‘paradise’ is a place, what does it mean to be there? What... | Nintendo DS

Developer Profile: SUDA51 (Part 1)

2110d ago - Goichi Suda (aka SUDA51) is the charismatic CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, a videogame developme... | GameCube

Electronic Theatre Interview: SUDA51

2167d ago - SUDA51 now has a long list of global releases to his name, each of which has received a mixed cri... | 3,5,9,10,11,13

Developer Spotlight: Grasshopper Manufacture

2209d ago - Today's release of No More Heroes 2 is not only a chance to step into the foul-mouthed beam-sword... | 3,5,9,10

Destructoid: Flower, Sun and Rain Review

2355d ago - If you're looking at it from a "game" point of view then you're absolutely right, there... | 5

TRB: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2357d ago - TRB writes: "The DS is home to some of the most random cheap games you have ever seen. There... | 5

RPGFan: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2358d ago - RPGFan writes: "Flower, Sun, and Rain is barely a video game at all. Calling it such is almo... | 5

NWR: Flower, Sun and Rain Review

2376d ago - NWR writes: "Flower, Sun, and Rain is a 2001 PlayStation 2 game from infamous developer, Goi... | 5

Deeko:Flower, Sun, and Rain - Review

2387d ago - Deeko: "Sumio Mondo may not be a seeker, but he is a searcher. In the game Flower, Sun... | 5

Honest Gamers: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2391d ago - Honest Gamers writes: "In the end, the secrets of Lospass Island abruptly mushroom into an o... | 5

Popmatters Review: Flower, Sun, and Rain

2391d ago - Popmatters writes: "If Killer7 and No More Heroes were too weird or inaccessible for yo... | 5

Gamer's Intuition: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2393d ago - From the review: "Flower Sun and Rain is an interactive murder mystery title that places you... | 5

Gamertell Review: Flower, Sun and Rain for DS

2399d ago - Gamertell has posted a positive review of XSeed's DS game titled Flower, Sun and Rain. From... | 5

VGC Review: Flower, Sun, and Rain

2404d ago - VGC writes: "Flower, Sun, and Rain has finally made its way to the U.S., and in doing so it... | 5

Nintendo Now: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2405d ago - From Nintendo Now: Thanks to games like Killer 7 and No More Heroes getting high recognition... | 5

Review: Flower, Sun, and Rain...It's Happening Again (TGH)

2408d ago - TGH writes: ""Flower, Sun, and Rain" could best be described as the Groundhog's... | 5

Game Freaks 365: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2410d ago - Game Freaks 365 writes: "Imagine yourself at a beautiful resort. Got that? Okay. Wait...what... | 5

GameBoyz: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2411d ago - GameBoyz writes: "While Flower, Sun, and Rain has a cool premise and story, the game falls s... | 5

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Kombo: Flower, Sun and Rain Review

2411d ago - Flower, Sun and Rain is a DS port of a PS2 game that Suda 51 and his development studio Grasshopp... | 5

GameZone: Flower, Sun and Rain Review

2411d ago - GameZone writes: "Ok, I'll make this quick. Your name is Sumio Mundo. You're a searcher... | 5

Game Informer: Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

2414d ago - What are you willing to sacrifice in gameplay for the sake of style? Unless your answer is "... | 5

Gaming Evolution Reviews Flower, Sun and Rain

2414d ago - When you think of Suda51 (Suda Goichi), you likely recall titles like Killer 7 for the Nintendo G... | 5

AV Club: Flower Sun And Rain Review

2414d ago - AV Club writes: "A deep-rooted suspicion on these shores is that Japanese gamers get the mor... | 5
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Flower, Sun and Rain

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