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User Review : Fit the Fat

  • Addictive
  • User friendly
  • Free
  • Still one workout
  • More hopefully soon
  • Too Addictive

Fit The Flab takes over

This is actually a review for Fit The Flab which is a more refined version of the original game. The other studio just did an overall better job with the idea and although it is a copy it has so many additional features and fun bits that I just can't put it down.

To start off the power ups and lives are available freely just by playing the game. There are hardly any bugs or lag and the gameplay is very smooth. The graphics are even better, and the character is a female.

Plus they have promised on to release more frequent content updates which includes additional workouts, environments and playable characters. Looking forward to what they have in store for us. Additionally the teams seems to be alot more active compared to the rest and now with all those shoddy clones appearing on the appstores, can't be too careful as some of them have dodgy permissions and softwares on them which can steal your data.

In comparison to the above, Fit The Fat had numerous issues. Too many ads, you had to use real money after only little bit of time spent playing it. The rope glitched all over the place. There were bugs and so many other though some of them could be ignored. They could have done alot more with the idea for introducing something new. Regardless was a good effort. I would give Fit The Fat a 5/10 overall, 9/10 for effort, below 5 for everything else. Hopefully they can give us something better in the future as the idea itself was great.

Although FitTheFlab has just been released, expecting to see it in the top charts very very soon if they keep it up.

Very polished in comparison to the rest.
Nothing special here, I had it off while I listened to my own music.
Much more realistic and smoother compared to the other versions, the game idea is fun in itself. It got me going to the gym after ages.
Fun Factor
A load of fun honestly, I just can't put it down, playing it on the go, in the bed, at office, just amazing.
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