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Final Fantasy XV Director Explains Theme of the Game, Why Lucis Was Changed from Versus XIII

31d ago - Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata took to the official forums in order to explain the philo... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV: New Catoblepas Art Released; Artist Explains Why it’s Massive but Believable

34d ago - Square Enix released today a new piece of concept art featuring the massive Catoblepas, that appe... | PS4

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Final Fantasy 15’s director thinks everyone will do open world now the tech’s here

35d ago - Final Fantasy 15's driving might look like The Stig's idea of a wet dream, but that doesn't mean... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV Celebrates the Fall With Screenshot Showing Athletic Gladiolus

37d ago - The Final Fantasy XV development team really loves the fall. A few days ago, they celebrated the... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis and Friends’ Black Clothes Explained; Developer Workstation & Shirts Shown

38d ago - Now that Final Fantasy XV‘s promotion is in full swing, the development team has been communicati... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV’s City of Lestallum Discovered in Episode Duscae Demo by Exploring Fan

38d ago - When they released the 2.0 version of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, the good folks at S... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV Paris Games Week 2015 Plans Detailed, Episode Duscae 2.0 To Be Playable

41d ago - GS:" This year’s Paris Games Week, which will be held later this month in France, is promising to... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV director points to Zelda as a franchise he’d like to work on

42d ago - In one of its issues earlier this month, Dengeki PlayStation spoke with a ton of recognized game... | Industry

Final Fantasy XV - Cool rock added

43d ago - Square Enix writes on twitter: Cool rock added! Our environment team is busy location hunting fo... | PS4

NieR New Project to exhibit Paris Games Week 2015

44d ago - Square Enix has announced its lineup for Paris Games Week later this month, and it includes the E... | PC

Final Fantasy XV Celebrates the Fall With Hilarious Screenshot Showing a Voracious Gladiolus

46d ago - In Japan, they take the fall quite seriously, and contrary to popular belief, the Japanese know h... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV Director Discusses Ignis, Cidney’s Name; New Merchandise Designs Teased

46d ago - Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata has opened a direct channel of communication with the fan... | PS4

A Look at Final Fantasy's History of Strong Women

50d ago - Final Fantasy deserves credit for a strong heritage of complex female characters. | Culture

New Final Fantasy XV videos showcases more of Luminous engine and motion capture

54d ago - Nova crystalis: Last month, Square Enix attended CEDEC 2015 and showed off various things for Fi... | PS4

Is Square Enix making a comeback?

60d ago - Square Enix (formed by the 2003 merger of video game developers Squaresoft and Enix) has plans fo... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV Changed Its Weapon Switching System, Here Are the New Details

60d ago - The director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata took to the game’s official forums earlier today t... | PS4

Will Final Fantasy XV Be the Death of the Series?

65d ago - FF XV is fighting an uphill battle, but is it already too late for the beloved series? | Culture

The NewsCube Podcast 81: Phil's Disappearance

67d ago - Robin and Phil of Cubed Gamers discuss gaming issues of the day, notably the Amazon Fire Gaming E... | Culture

Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Chocobos, Lunafreya, And Many Other Features

67d ago - Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had a lot to share on the game during the recent Active T... | PS4

Are Open World Games Too Prevalent?

68d ago - Stephen Little writes: "What a time to be alive. In my grandfather’s day, they had to walk for mi... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Square Enix Reveals More Final Fantasy XV Details at Tokyo Game Show

69d ago - More characters details are revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. | PC

The Last of Us Sequel oops, Persona 5's Inevitable Delay & More Reaction - In The News

69d ago - Reaction to the big news of this past week. MGL: "The big news came with some "oops" momen... | PC

Noctis from Final Fantasy XV Smells Okay, I Guess

69d ago - Kotaku: "You’ve seen what Noctis looks like, and this weekend, I learned what he smelled like." | Culture

September 19, 2015 Game News Update - TGS 2015, Upcoming JRPGs, Shiny Indies

70d ago - BNR: This week in game news we got quite a bit of JRPG news out of the 2015 Tokyo Game Show, incl... | PS4

New Footage Of Final Fantasy XV Revealed Tonight During Tokyo Game Show 2015

71d ago - Later on tonight Square-Enix will be hosting the next Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report. The on... | PS4

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