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Final Fantasy XV Will be Linked to Final Fantasy XIII’s Mythology Despite Name Change

62d ago - When Final Fantasy XV was finally and officially unveiled at E3 2013, one of the many reactions w... | PS4

Final Fantasy 15 'quite far into development, given high priority' by Square

62d ago - Development on next-gen RPG Final Fantasy XV is coming along well, series producer Yoshinori Kita... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay trailer has left us none the wiser

64d ago - Final Fantasy XV has been in the works since 2006, but despite its long development gamers still... | PS4

Has Square Enix Waited Too Long?

68d ago - Kingdom Hearts 2 was released on March 28, 2006, in North America–more than 2800 days have passed... | Culture

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Has Given Hope For Final Fantasy XV

71d ago - Pixels or Death writes about why playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep makes some of the things... | PSP

Will Lightning Returns Hurt Final Fantasy XV Sales?

74d ago - OnlySP: I got some hot reactions to a certain rant about Lightning and how I couldn’t figure out... | PC

Square Enix Responds To Final Fantasy XV And Kingdom Hearts III Rumor

74d ago - You may have heard about a document from Square Enix Europe that pegs Final Fantasy XV and Kingdo... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV’s Battle System Won't Be Based on Lightning Returns

76d ago - GR: The battle system in Final Fantasy XV won't be based on the system that Square Enix is introd... | PS4

Where RPGs Can Improve?

78d ago - Kimberley Wallace of GameInformer writes, "We just entered a new console generation and are anxio... | PS4

Japan: Famitsu’s Readers Most Wanted Video Games

84d ago - Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed its readers most wanted games in the latest edit... | PS3

Is 2014 Final Fantasy’s Year?

84d ago - Grainger Games takes a look at Square Enix's Final Fantasy releases scheduled for 2014 and looks... | PC

The Top 5: Moments in 2013

88d ago - This week, Gamer Horizon takes a look back at the highlights and lowlights of last year with The... | PC

Rumor: Square Enix Outsourcing Some Of Final Fantasy XV Development Overseas

94d ago - GearNuke: "Final Fantasy XV has been in development for a long time. The game, originally announc... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV: More Will Be Revealed 'When the Timing is Right'

99d ago - Gameranx: "More details and information about the upcoming action RPG, Final Fantasy XV, will be... | PS4

10 Games That Will Make You Buy A Playstation 4 Or Xbox One In 2014

104d ago - There are a healthy handful of games coming in 2014 that may very well force you to plop down tha... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV Used to Be a PS4 Exclusive, Insider Claims

104d ago - Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, nicknamed Thuway, is known as a fairly reliable source of rumors... | PS4

14 video games to look forward to in 2014

105d ago - At first glance, 2014 looks to be a strong year in video gaming thanks to the recent launch of tw... | PC

DualShockers ShockCast Ep. 155 – “All Generations End”

106d ago - David Rodriguez writes, "What is your game of the year? What are some of your gaming highlight... | PC

10 Most Anticipated Games Stuck in Development Hell

111d ago - Arcade Sushi: "Game limbo is that mystical realm in the video game industry where none but the br... | PC

Nomura Waiting For Next Opportunity To Reveal New FF XV Info, Gives Update On Kingdom Hearts 3

113d ago - GearNuke: Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV were revealed to the E3 audience this year but we... | PS4

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Square Enix President Talks Future Plans For Smartphone And Console Games

124d ago - This year has been quite an eventful one for Square Enix, ranging from getting a new CEO,to the s... | PC

Noctis Play Arts Kai figure announced, prototype shown off

130d ago - GearNuke: "Square’s next big title is Final Fantasy XV as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII a... | PS4

Kill Streak Media - Final Fantasy XV Preview

146d ago - Final Fantasy XV will be the next installment in the Final Fantasy series that has been well know... | PS4

15 RPGs To Look Forward To In 2014

151d ago - With a new year comes a new set of RPG games to cut your teeth on. | PC

The Top 5: Most Anticipated Games of the Next Generation

153d ago - With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One coming out, the Gamer Horizon crew list off the games they ar... | PC

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