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Ranma1 | 865d ago | User review
Reviewing: Final Fantasy XIII
An Honest review of FF13 (ranma1)
This is a game that made me feel like cutting my penis off and beating the developers with it at some points, and in other points it made be stop in awe to recognise its graphical beauty.

-----What I liked about this game:

(1)The graphics: are really good. Especially the cutscenes, I have not seen many games with similar attention to detail and presentation.

(2)The Music: is decent but none of the themes are as memorable as past FF music.

(3)Customizing: weapons is nice. As well as the crystarium system, it reminded me of FF10's sphere grid. But FF13's version was far more linear and less developed. You didn't get much choices.

That's about all I liked.

-----What I disliked about this game:

(1)The gameplay: is for casual gamers who don't know how to play RPG's. And I am not a casual gamer. One of the main problems is the auto battle feature. I was pressing the X button most of the time as it would play the game for me and choose the most effective attacks against enemies. Some people say you can turn auto battle off, but if you do that the game becomes too hard. Autobattle is the most efficient way to play it.

(2)The characters: are not likeable. I didn't like them, and I didn't like their back stories. Hope reminds me of Justin Beiber, someone I see as a pus*y and whiner.

(3)The story: is terrible. its too difficult to understand and doesnt make sense. I could not understand all the words they threw at me like Falcie, Lcie, Pulse Lcie, Cieth. Like WTF, stop telling me words without explaining what they mean properly. Some may disagree, but me personally, I found it difficult to follow the story (for me this difficulty didn't happen for any other FF's)

(4)And the most of all, it didn't feel like FF: every FF needs mini games and hard secret bosses (at least Omega and Ultima weapon), they were not there.

What FF game only lets you control 1 character? This game does. Still no world map, when will SE add the world map back to FF games? At least FF10 had a big massive world with lots of different branches.

This game has none of that. This game is as fun as walking forwards for 10 hours, then you must jump off a cliff at the end, and that is not very pleasing. ITS PAINFUL ! Because that's all you do in this game !

The FF series doesn't deserve this. FF fans don't deserve this. A series as great as Final Fantasy deserves better...
Music (slightly good)
Fun factor
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
Ranma1  +   865d ago
This is an honest review. Its what i really felt of the game.

I just didn't like it. So before anyone says I am trolling. 6/10 seems far for a game of this quality.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   864d ago
This is actually the most praise I've seen you give this game.

Most of your complaints are valid but the story one is not. The story in XIII in actually quite good and if you pay attention to it, everything like L'Cie and Fal'Cie are explained as it goes on.

I don't think you're trolling here and this appears as it says to be an honest review, but you are a huge FFXIII troll.
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   864d ago
Yeah the story is actually one of the better stories in games if you put some thought into it. On paper it has a lot of that stuff my English teachers always talked about. I agree that the execution at times wasn't the best, but it wasn't terrible either. The story can be related to what's going on with terrorism in the middle east if you put some thought into it.

Also the soundtrack is better than a lot of the earlier games IMO. I only wish they kept the victory theme and prelude.
iChii  +   862d ago
The story? Good? I understood the story quite well but it was boring af. Sorry..
Number-Nine  +   864d ago
It clearly explains what all those names mean. And this is a very shallow 'review'. Could have gone into a lot more detail.
AdmiralSnake  +   864d ago
I personally loved the game... a lot of people I know stop playing it all together because they didn't understand the combat, I have NO IDEA of where you got the casual thing from, but okay.

Didn't understand the story ? Go to the settings to read up on every chapter, it also gives you a brief explanation of all the events, of why it happened and also how the characters are related to the story etc, even the summary on some of the enemies.

I respect your opinion, but I disagree with the combat and story thing.

The combat is much deeper than you give credit for, I actually found it a bit challenging and has a learning curve, especially when you try to do all of the Side missions at the end of the game.
Ultr  +   862d ago
I can only /sign that :)
Hicken  +   864d ago
To be honest, there are very few legitimate gripes here. And in the event that they WERE legitimate, you didn't give enough info to convince anyone to believe you.

It's slightly more in-depth than your usual hatred of the game. Which really isn't saying much.
dragonrage00  +   864d ago
1-While I agree that the game doesnt give enough explanation to the games mithos on the beginning, once you understand that, you find an very interesting story. 2-The whole "combat system for casual games" is BS to me. Is just different and thats the problem. You still have to manage paradigms (some times constantly), and you cant just put one character healing, and the others attacking (like most ff) since the stagger meter forces you to play as agressive as you can. Buffs and debuffs are also way more important here than ever before. The combat is WAY better than XII
3-When you say theres no secret boss, its clear you havent tried to complete the missions on gran pulse. The last mission is the ultimate boss of the game. Also, the missions open new areas and features to explore, like chocobo riding (which im guessing you havent seen).
4-As for minigames, they are just pointless, and is just silly to bring that up as an argument to say the game sucks.
5-The characters are stupid, but so were the characters in X, and everyone loved that one.
Im tired by now. XIII is far from being the best in the series, but its not the piece of shit so many claim it to be. Its just different. If it was a spin off, im certain it wouldnt get nearly as much hate.
wishingW3L  +   863d ago
if it were a spin-off this game wouldn't have even sold more than 500,000 copies nor drawn this much attention either. And you're reaching a new low by saying that FF13 characters have as much depth as the ones on FF10, are you crazy? I hated FFX almost as much as FF13 but you're crazy.

FFX has hidden weapons, hidden Aeons, you can back-track, the story was better told and not to mention the customizations that includes more weapon/armor/accessories variations and the more expansive sphere grid. FFX is in every single way a much more superior game than FF13 and FF13-2 together!
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   863d ago
It was an okay JRPG but a very poor Final Fantasy game
izumo_lee  +   863d ago
The problem with this game is that it has the Final Fantasy name attached to it. We hold that name to such high standards that if it does not at least come close to that standard it is considered a disappointment.

For me personally it is a good game, a solid JRPG, but if i consider the Final Fantasy name it is a subpar game in the franchise. To me this game is in the same field as Mystic Quest. A game catered to those not aware of the series & just getting started with them.

So yeah this review is pretty fair in the games assessment according to a long time player of the series.
wishingW3L  +   863d ago
6 is too high, 4/10 is more like it.
Temporary  +   836d ago
I'd have gone with an even 5...and that would make it AVERAGE so it's being generous.
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