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User Review : Final Fantasy XIII

  • FF7 was good
  • Derivative

like final fantasy 7 only with slightly altered graphics

We all knew it had to happen eventually, Square are only human and finally they've done it. Square have squared the circle, or circled the square if you prefer; in short - they're rehashing an older version of Final Fantasy and pretending like it's a new version.

Final Fantasy XIII (or 13 to all you non-Roman-numeral-understanders out there) is essentially Final Fantasy 7 with slightly altered graphics and dialogue adjusted to take into account 21st century lingo.

Square have basically assumed the current Final Fantasy-playing public have forgotten the FF7 storyline, graphics and sound effects and won't notice the complete remake we have in our hands today.

That said, ff7 is contender for best game ever made so hopefully this should introduce some wonderment into modern gamer's lives today.

After several hours playing this game I felt like I was floating on a cloud towards Sephiroth's lair in order to obtain the underwater materia but... let's get serious.

The turn-based combat system is surprisingly intuitive, and not any where near as bad as possibly anticipated.

Vile Peaks is quite possibly the peak of the game though there is a lot of competition, I especially like the fact that wherever you go there's some chumming awesome music to accompany you.

Crystal points take the place of ff7's xp, with a convoluted 'crystarium' system for levelling up.

Overall I conclude this game is ff7 with a few minor and pointless tweaks and therefore Square are kind of taking the mickey out of us gamers. Oh well, still good though!

Fun Factor
Very Atmospheric
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AlexeiBorodin3164d ago

Worst comment of all time.

ThatCanadianGuy3164d ago

Why? Because it hurt your feelings?

5.0 Graphics
5.5 Sound
7.2 Gameplay
3.2 Fun Factor
10 Online
Very Atmospheric

How do those low scores average to a 9.9?
And there is no online! How the hell can it be atmospheric??

SnuggleBandit3164d ago

Maybe this guy's real name is jim sterling?? lol

VigkVagk3157d ago

@ThatCanadianGuy: if you actually [i]read[/i] the review you'd realise that the out-of-ten section is [b]not[/b]an average, it must also be said that a game can score highly even if it has bad points, if the games' graphics and online are terrible and if it has a few gameplay elements that fall short it can still be a great game, well worthy of nine-point-nine out of ten, look at god of war three for the sony playstation three

Bodyboarder_VGamer3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

I agree. This is the worst review I have ever read (literally). Nothing makes sense and I fail to see any similarities between VII and XIII.

This has been written by either a retard or some pre-scholar kid...

Where's the materia system equivalent in FFXIII? Where are the sidequests, airplane, submarine, chocobo breeding, etc? None of the characters nor the story have any similarities, no real antagonist and completely different graphics style and art.

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VigkVagk3164d ago

terrible score for a terrible review for a terrible [b]game[/b] next time review the original version on the microsoft xbox 360.

ChronoJoe3163d ago

Yeah sorry man but this is the worst review I've ever seen.

It doesn't make sense, the scores don't reflect your opinion in the post, there is no online yet somehow you revived it.

Seriously, are you sure what you were playing was FF13? It's also nothing like FF7, and much closer in nature to FF10 if anything.

Simply moronic.

C L O U D3158d ago

Terrible, just terrible.

How old are you?

If your an adult I feel sorry for what you just wrote.

DOMination3156d ago

I agree, people like this should be banned from N4G. I always wonder how this crap gets approved.