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QTE's and Cinematic Games Aren't Going Away

56d ago ... It's Monday, I've been up for about an hour and a half as of the writing of this blog, and I decided I'd check out my youtube subscriptions to see if there was anything good to start out the day with. I saw a video from AVGN, Angry Joe reviewed The Order 1886, and Jim Sterling did a Jimquisition about Cinematics. All in all, some good videos. Angry Joe and Jim Sterling coincidentally ended u...

Three Things Bravely Default Does Better Than Final Fantasy XIII

390d ago ... It’s almost a unanimously agreed-upon fact that Final Fantasy XIII is a terrible, terrible byproduct of a once-shining corporation now consumed with greed. It is because of this very game that many Final Fantasy loyalists thought Square Enix bit the dust. But in February of 2014, something amazing happened: The JRPG giant brought to life a fantastical masterpiece of epic proportions. This game,...

3DS: The Moses of the JRPG genre

430d ago ... For those who didn't attend Sunday school or perhaps never saw Prince of Egypt, Moses was a Biblical character who led a few million Hebrew slaves out of Egypt and into their promised land full of milk, honey, and...well, full of not being a slave anymore, too. It's an iconic story in Western culture of how one brave man led a nation to a better place. I figure I might as well get the explan...

My top 15 games of the generation. #1

495d ago ... Here are the games listed from past entries but what if I did a top 20? 20. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 19. Super Street Fighter 4 18. Infamous 17. Portal 16. Super Mario Galaxy ---------- 15. Tomb Raider 14. Xenoblade Chronicles 13. Dead Space 2 12. Batman: Arkham City 11. Final Fantasy XIII 10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 9. Gears of War 3 8. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Wi...

My top 15 games of the generation. (5-2)

499d ago ... Here are the games listed from past entries. 15. Tomb Raider 14. Xenoblade Chronicles 13. Dead Space 2 12. Batman: Arkham City 11. Final Fantasy XIII 10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 9. Gears of War 3 8. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 7. The Last of Us 6. Red Dead Redemption …and now for my top 5. ---------- 5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. *2006 Game of the Year*...

My top 15 games of the generation. (9-6)

503d ago ... Here's a recap of the games listed from my last entry. 15. Tomb Raider 14. Xenoblade Chronicles 13. Dead Space 2 12. Batman: Arkham City 11. Final Fantasy XIII 10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Onto games 9 through 6 starting with.... ----------------------------- -- 9. Gears of War 3. *2011 Game of the Year* I really enjoyed the ridiculously gory, action-packed gameplay that the f...

Motomu Toriyama Needs To Be The Next To Leave Square-Enix

509d ago ... CAUTION: This blog will contain spoilers relating to Lightning Returns, a.k.a. Final Fantasy XIII-3. This game has been released in Japan only and is scheduled for release in North America in 2 months time. If you are planning to play this game and care about spoilers ruining your experience, do not read this blog. If you are the type who feel that spoilers will not affect your enjoyment of the...

I want to use my imagination again!

726d ago ... We have lost appreciation for good art design and graphical fidelity along with the ability to enjoy a great story time and time again. I sat at home today and played through another round of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and realized at that instant we have reached a point where graphics are no longer the determining factor in games. As I sit in awe at “Academia -500 AF”, which is one of the final loca...

E3 2012 and What I Want to See

1144d ago ... Another year, another E3. Every year around June, the biggest and the best announcements and games are unveiled at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Every year something big is always announced at the worlds largest game trade show. It was E3 2005 that the PS3 and Wii were unveiled. In 2006, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII were announced. And it was 2007 that we saw Killzo...

The Critical and Commercial failure of Final Fantasy XIII-2

1171d ago ... Now I know a lot of you are looking at the title and thinking to yourselves "this is flame bait and he doesn't like XIII-2 because he hated XIII". That statement for the most part is untrue. While it's true that I wasn't a fan of XIII, I still thought XIII-2 was an okay game. It had it's moments. It just that it still didn't have the good/likable story and characters that I expect from a Final...

Through Rose Colored Glasses.

1232d ago ... We are all guilty of “Looking through rose colored glasses” especially when it comes to things we love. We are all quick to defend our passions, quick to criticize what we don’t like and overlook whatever is inconvenient to us. This can be both a boon and a curse. Does it hurt to look at the positive aspects to a game, rather than focus on nothing but the negative? Can you still enjoy porti...

The Problem With Writing A Game Review.

1234d ago ... I started writing Video Game reviews about 2 years ago on the Playstation Forums, just a little bit before I became an MVP there. I think my first review was for Cross Edge. None of the MVPs had shown any interest in the game and there were quite a few posters curious about the game. I took it upon myself to write up my own review of the game because I enjoyed my experience with it. A video...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (from my point of view)

1244d ago ... Listen, I know that many fans like the changes being made to Final Fantasy XIII-2. I just don't care for this game. Now I have tried so damn hard to like XIII, I really did, but there was just so many things wrong with the game that I couldn't bare finishing the game. Not so much the gameplay as I know Square Enix likes to change it up with every Final Fantasy. That's just how it is with this s...

Captain Obvious vs Commander Sheppard

1292d ago ... (Preferably Fem-Shep in a game of strip poker, but I digress.) With the usual, since this is my third blog entry baring the title, apologies to Captain Obvious. This one is a long time coming. Ever since Final Fantasy XIII-2 was announced as both an attempt to correct game mechanic issues with FFXIII, and a direct continuation/expansion of XIII’s story. Something(s) which has caused major...

That "Chore" Feeling.

1811d ago ... Greetings all. This is my first blog post but i wont elaborate on that fact because it always comes across so cheesy. Anyway, i invited you all here today to talk about what i consider a very important element of a good game. That would be the want to play it. Yes, obviously theres a want to play a game but perhaps my explanation would benefit from an example. I recently picked up the long...

Final Fantasy XIII Linearity Problem - Be reasonable people

1888d ago ... Short Reality check on the issue of Final Fantasy XIII's Linearity.

Why Blu-ray Is Still Not Needed For Games

2076d ago ... This is my first blog post in a while - and this time around I'm dealing with an issue that's been in the news a lot lately. Both Rage and Final Fantasy XIII are said to use more than one disk for their 360 versions, as opposed to only one blu-ray disk.

What's with this "PS3 is Dead" nonsense

2475d ago ... With the recent announcement of one of the most prolific PS3 exclusive going multi, Final Fantasy XIII, talk of "PS3 is dead" took the forum by storm. However, things are in Sony's favor.
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