Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  At a Glance: Cowardly Creations

Cowardly Creations is a four man indie group from Maribor, Slovenia and Sweden. They are currently working on a survival horror game, Uncanny Valle...

Final Fantasy XII... All Stories  

Over 10 types of shops, fourth continents, actions and difficulty details for Lightning Returns

345d ago - Alongside the previously posted Dengeki report, Famitsu has their own report on the systems of Li... | Xbox 360

The FINAL Fantasy: Is This The End of an Era?

361d ago - Final Fantasy has been one of the biggest RPG series of all time, especially for those of us who... | PS2

Kitase & Toriyama hint a "Cloud" Costume for Lightning

539d ago - Last week and Finaland had the pleasure of meeting for an exclusive interview of Yosh... | Xbox 360

Deserving of Respect - The Essence and Undercurrents of IPs

626d ago - Any gamer, any consumer of author generated entertainment knows that each property has a unique i... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

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From Shattered Shards: Dissecting the Mythology of Fabula Nova Crystallis

911d ago - Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers does a little creative digging to explain the cosmology of the... | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII Rewind Review - Emptylifebar

1020d ago - "Square-Enix’s latest, true entry in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII, has completely... | Xbox 360

Best Characters to Use in Final Fantasy XIII

1143d ago - Many gamers have trouble deciding who to put in a party for most RPGs, especially when it comes t... | Xbox 360


1303d ago - In a great interview made by the french website FINAL FANTASY DREAM, Shinji Hashimoto (Producer o... | PSP

Square Enix: no concrete things about FF Haeresis XIII

1305d ago - Shinji Hashimoto talks about the never-announced Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII. | Xbox 360

FF VersusXIII & AgitoXIII footage released in HD - GameTrailers

1372d ago - Versus & Agito HD footage thanks to GameTrailers. | PSP

Kombo | Final Fantasy XIII Agito and Versus Trailers Leaked Online

1394d ago - Square Enix showed trailers for it's mysterious Final Fantasy XIII follow-ups at TGS this year, b... | PSP

Will TGS be FF Versus XIII's saviour?

1411d ago - Xrossplatform writes: After being announced over 4 years ago at E3 2006, fans can be excused for... | PS3

Rumour: Final Fantasy Agito XIII dated

1474d ago - GamerZines writes: Online retailer has today updated its listing for the anticipated... | PSP

Top 5 of Final Fantasy's Most Evil Bad Guys

1544d ago - Brandon Thompson writes: "Gamers have seen few franchises with histories as impressively dee... | 1,2,3,4,5,9

Top 5 Sexiest Females from the Final Fantasy Franchise

1550d ago - GFB writes: "Final Fantasy is one of the most famous franchises in gaming history and for go... | 1,2,3,4,5,9,10

Free Final Fantasy XIII DLC Arrives

1572d ago - Square Enix has today revealed the first downloadable content (DLC) package for the phenomenally... | 1,2

Final Fantasy XIII Officially Confirmed as UK's Fastest-Selling Game in 2010

1573d ago - Square Enix Europe has announced that Final Fantasy XIII has officially become the fastest sellin... | 1,2

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Has Airships

1576d ago - Over Twitter, Final Fantasy Versus XIII producer Tetsuya Nomura gave a small status update about... | 1

Review: Final Fantasy XIII, toting both innovation and flaws

1576d ago - Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII for the rest of this review) has been unleashed, and it brings with it... | 1, 2

GDC: Toriyama explains the themes of the Fabula Nova Crystallis trilogy

1579d ago - Griffin McElroy of Joystiq writes: "The creators of Final Fantasy XIII have been notori... | 1,4

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