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Final Fantasy X review (PS2)

heyheyhey | 2932d ago | User review
Reviewing: Final Fantasy X
heyheyhey revisits a classic
well FF13 is just around the corner (well not really) so i thought i would revisit one of my favorite games- FF10

not many people thought that 10 was the best in the majestic FF series, but i did. Why? well mainly it's the outstanding story that makes FF10 so memorable.

It's a tale of love, mystery and adventure which sees main characters Tidus and his love interest (and important plot character) Yuna embark on a quest to rid the world of sin- a flying monstrosity capable of mass destruction.

Many touching cut-scenes and and twists make the story one of the most heart-rending and engaging i have ever witnessed. Many diverse characters made it even better, from the badass Auron to everyones favorite emo chick- Lulu.

I especially loved the puzzles you had to solve in order to aquire the summon monsters (whom, for the first time in the FF series, were playable).

Many critisized FF10 for being to linear, i disagree. There is much to explore and discover- extra summons, legendary weapons, rare bosses etc etc.

Oh yeah and contrary to popular opinion- i though blitzball was awesome, it's a very tactical and enjoyable mini-game.

FF12 might have had a revolutionary combat system and no random battles- but the story sucked, i didn't even finish it- it was THAT unengaging.

The combat in FF10 isn't bad either. It may be turn-based, but the sphere upgrade system and excellent magic animations make it very enjoyable.

If you haven't played this yet and you see it lying around in a bargain bin somehwere (even though it shouldn't be- this game deserves an altar in every retailer) then i advise you to pick it up and savor one of the best RPG experiences out there.
Outstanding story{Lots to do and explore{Ingenious
Dialogue can be cheesy{Voice acting can be a littl
Graphics Turn-based and random battles, but enjoyable nonetheless, especially controlling the summons and fighting bosses.
Sound Outdated now, but back then the envoirments and magic animations were excellent.
Gameplay Excellent music score, dialogue could be a little cheesy at times though. Voice acting was well...... not the greatest thing about the game. The music score really is exceptional though- as standard for FF games.
Fun factor The story alone gets this a 10/10.
Online Sorry this isn't FF11.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
LightningPS3  +   2932d ago
You got taste
To me FFX is a perfect 10/10. Just the story alone
Bonsai1214  +   2932d ago
X is arguably my favorite FF, conflicting with VI. i have to disagree with your graphics quip, because as it stands, its still one of the better looking games on the ps2, and it was released a year and some months into its life cycle (sounds like another ff game coming soon..)

but the story was fantastic, battle system was great too. quick swapping characters made keeping everyone on a similar level easy, and the spheregrid was a genius idea.

i'll never forget playing a good 12 or so hours the first day it came out.

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DrDreadlox  +   2931d ago
I wasted so many hours on this one
The only other ff i've played is 8 and of the 2 ffx is my favourite. I think it was good how it was easy enough for casual gamers to finish it, but had extra, harder stuff for more hardcore players (defeating Penance was awsome)

My best and most annoying moment of the game was racing the chocobos to get tidus' celestial weapon. Took me about 3 hours
PS360WII  +   2931d ago
This game is one of the least favorites in the series. You cannot argue that this game is not linear as it is. It only opens up when you are 3/4 of the way finished with the game. It took a weekend to finish and this is coming after the likes of 7,8, and 9 on the ps1 which took a month or more. The graphics are top notch yet the story is way to whiny and woe is me.

The one truely awesome thing in this game was the Omega Cave. It was the one hard area in the game. Heck I even finished the last boss in three moves (seriously) and then one hit the summons down. Overbreak limit on those ledgedary weapons had there pluses.

Sorry for the rant but that's my opinion on this game which bears a title it shouldn't have.
heyheyhey  +   2931d ago
i dont like to think of Yu-Yevon as the final boss

in my heart, the final boss is Jecht (or "the final aeon") and you cant say he was easy

just when you think you killed him, he grabs a sword out of his stomach and doubles his HP
PS360WII  +   2931d ago
Yea Jecht was the final boss I was thinking. He had his moments I'm not sure though.. maybe it was the high five at the end that did it for me
lonestarmt  +   2931d ago
like above said it was linear which puts a lot of people off, but that doesn't for me. What I really care about final fantasy are graphics, characters, and story. This had all of them. Come on it had auron, my favorite final fantasy character. It had sin, a really cool concept. X is my second fav FF of all time and the first final fantasy I recomend to anyone who is trying to get their feet wet in the J-rpg genre.
PS360WII  +   2931d ago
Okay yes, sure it definitely is a nice stepping stone for people to get into j-RPGs (which are the best! ^^)
CAPS LOCK  +   2928d ago
My favourite game!
This game had everything you could think of! I mean where do I start...I loved the characters and the story. It is soo cool how tidus went back 1000 years in time...Loved blitzball and I loved how you could capture monsters and the hidden aeons where so cool! I just would like to see more aeons and bosses...there where like 60+ bosses (excluding monster captured ones)...and the love story was kinda cool too...I am glad I took a chance when I saw the cover at game a few years back, I was like woow 10? and i didnt know jack bout it beforehand...

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Final Fantasy X

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