Dev of the Day : Tom Francis
  At a Glance: Tom Francis & Heat Signature

Tom Francis designed Gunpoint, a game about reiring things and punching people, and another called Floating point about swinging around on a rope (...

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Final Fantasy 10: Kitase reveals the secrets of its success

152d ago - The first full 3D Final Fantasy game brought the franchise into the modern age, with voice acting... | PS3

The most unused Final Fantasy characters according to Japanese women

153d ago - SGCafe: "The ever-so-popular Final Fantasy JRPG series would often give you choices on which char... | PS2

The Top 10 Best Dungeon Themes In RPGs

153d ago - Who doesn’t love a stirring theme while you’re exploring the wastes? Gamemoir does and they enume... | Culture

The Guilty Pleasure Characters of Final Fantasy X and Resident Evil 4

159d ago - A look at some of the game characters we love and why we love them, often for the reasons others... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

The Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

163d ago - With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII having come out on Tuesday, this week, the 411 staff... | PS2

Top 11 love stories from video games

163d ago - Love. That’s right, the L word. Games so often focus on the explosions, combat, and danger that... | PS2

The 15 Best Outfits of Final Fantasy

164d ago - The Final Fantasy franchise is known for its runway-ready fashions. The most recent Final Fantasy... | PS2

The Top 6 Best Final Fantasy Villains of All-Time

165d ago - The Koalition writes: "If you hadn't noticed, this week was kind of the unofficially "Final Fanta... | Culture

The Best Distractions in RPGs | Obstructed Views

165d ago - Obstructed Views: A lot of RPGs, in particular JRPGs, have a side dish that goes along with your... | Xbox

Final Fantasy X vs Final Fantasy VII: Which is the better game?

166d ago - Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: When it comes to Final Fantasy, there are many stand-out edit... | PS2

Week of Love: The Ultimate Romantic Tragedies in Gaming

167d ago - During the week of love at Leviathyn, Stephen recollects some of gaming's greatest romantic trage... | Culture

The Top 6 Best Main Final Fantasy Games

167d ago - The Koalition writes: "In continuation of Final Fantasy week here at The Koalition, we decided to... | Culture

GH’s Most Anticipated PS Vita Games of 2014

168d ago - Gamer Headlines writes: "Already a month in the new year, we here at Gamer Headlines decided to s... | Culture

The Top 6 Best Final Fantasy Heroes of All-Time

169d ago - David Jagneaux of The Koalition writes: "Final Fantasy, such a wonderful franchise with so many c... | PSP

Japanese Gamers Vote Yuna As The Most Popular Final Fantasy Heroine

174d ago - Square Enix recently held a survey for the game’s two year anniversary in Japan and asked players... | PS2

Ten reasons why Final Fantasy X is most deserving of an HD makeover

175d ago - Screen Robot: "March marks the US release date of the HD-remastering of Final Fantasy X (FFX). Or... | PS3

The Love/Hate Relationship with the Final Fantasy X, X-2 Remaster

178d ago - Final Fantasy is a legendary franchise spanning many games. Many gamers see Final Fantasy X as on... | PS3

The Top 5: Game Mechanics

179d ago - This week, the Gamer Horizon crew share their favorite game mechanics in video games! It has ever... | PS2

10 Worst Dressed Game Characters

185d ago - Arcade Sushi: "Video game characters get away with physics and death defying feats of sartorial a... | PS2

18 Most Shocking Deaths in Video Games

185d ago - Arcade Sushi: "As video game narratives have grown stronger over the years, so has our bond to th... | PC

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post

Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

197d ago - From the article - With multiple installments, most with stand-alone stories and characters, list... | PSP

PS Vita: What’s Coming in 2014? – Part One

203d ago - Mark Reece writes: "The PlayStation Vita might not be setting sales records or garnering a wealth... | PS Vita

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Has Been Developed By Chinese Team Virtuos

204d ago - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD has been developed by Chinese team Virtuos. This isn't the first time Squa... | PS3

Final Fantasy X-3 Entirely Possible

205d ago - A run-down of reasons as to why Final Fantasy X-3 is possible (including a statement from Kazushi... | PS3

Final Fantasy X-3 Could Happen With Enough Fan Interest

207d ago - With a Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD reissue in the works, Square Enix seems to be open to exploring the... | PS3

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