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Top 10 Awkward Video Game Cutscenes

17d ago | Opinion piece | It’s never good when you’re playing a game and just hoping that nobody you know walks into the room and witnesses the on-screen embarrassment.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 is essential from £17.29 on Vita/PS4

14d ago | News | Dealspwn: The PS4 version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is at its cheapest price yet at £21....

Weekly Suggestion #Game | Final Fantasy X

14d ago | Opinion piece | Final Fantasy X is amazing on so many aspects. The Playstation 2 version had already very pretty...

Final Fantasy Box Set 2 (FFX, FFX2, FFXII): Official Game Guides release date and other details

25d ago | News | The first details, including the release date, have been listed for the upcoming Final Fantasy Box Set 2 (FFX, FFX2, FFXII): Official Game Guides.

10 Disturbing Gaming Moments You Just Went With As A Kid

11d ago | Opinion piece | WC Everything’s easier to stomach when you’re a kid. You’re less aware of how formulaic and re...

Never Forget Them: Kimahri and Yuna from Final Fantasy X

17d ago | Opinion piece | Eyes on FF: "Welcome back to another edition of Never Forget Them! I am super excited about this...

Favorite Protagonists – Yuna from Final Fantasy X

21d ago | Opinion piece | EL writes: "Today, I want to talk about another protagonist I love dearly – Yuna from Final Fanta...

Final Thoughts - Final Fantasy X

21d ago | Opinion piece | RPGfan: In many ways, it is difficult to divorce the cultural impact of Final Fantasy X from any of my personal thoughts on the quality of the game...
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