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Top 10 Final Fantasy Vocal Songs

1d 6h ago | Opinion piece | SA writes: Final Fantasy has been one of the biggest RPG franchise since the late 80’s and its games, and a movie or two, over the years have plenty of music tracks to remember, many instrumental,...

10 Game Summaries (If They Were Honest)

5d ago | Article | The amount of spin and hype about new titles is so thick you couldn’t cut it with a Buster Sword,...

Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

19d ago | Opinion piece | WM writes: "What is it about villainous characters that we love so much? Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the to...

10 Video Game Characters That Would Make Better Republican Presidential Nominees

20d ago | Opinion piece | It’s that time of the… Year? Again. Blaine swears, every year presidential candidates get picked earlier and earlier. Remember the 2012 election? Before the votes came in, people were talking about...

14 Years Later: How Much Praise Does Final Fantasy X Deserve?

20d ago | Opinion piece | Pixel Attack: "Fourteen years ago, it wasn’t common for games to have FAQs or “tips and tricks” w...

The most frustrating modern videogame bosses

15d ago | Opinion piece | MyGaming: "Everyone has that one boss battle that reduces them to a cold sweat when mentioned....
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