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Final Fantasy X: Monster Arena Guide + No Encounters

2h ago - Once you reach the Calm Lands, the Monster Arena becomes available. The arena itself is located t... | PS3

Final Fantasy X-2: How to Get the Festivalist Dressphere

9d ago - A walk through to obtaining the Festivalist dresssphere - the second new dressphere in the FFX/X... | PS3

Final Fantasy X: Kimahri Lancet Guide

11d ago - The Ronso can learn enemy abilities by using the Lancet ability on particular monsters. There ar... | PS3

How to Get All Dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

11d ago - There are 16 dresspheres in the International edition of the game and 3 special dresspheres: one... | PS3

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

How to Achieve 100% Completion in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

13d ago - PrimaGames: Final Fantasy X-2 also has a total of three endings and the only way to view all thre... | PS3

Final Fantasy X: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

13d ago - In the first chapter of our Final Fantasy X walkthrough, Tidus and company had just finished comp... | PS3

Final Fantasy X HD: Jecht Sphere Locations

14d ago - These are spheres where Jecht recorded memories of his journey with Braska and Auron to Zanarkan... | PS3

Final Fantasy X: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

16d ago - This portion of the walkthrough will cover the start of Tidus's journey through the first Blitzba... | PS3

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Cheats

17d ago - Looking for Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD cheats on PS3 & PS Vita? Here we’ll list Final Fantasy X & X... | PS3

Final Fantasy X: How to Build the Ultimate Blitzball Team

17d ago - Once you've mastered the finer points of Blitzball, you'll compete in the Blitzball tournament in... | PS3

Final Fantasy X-2: How To Get the Psychic Dressphere

18d ago - Learn how to get the previously International-only Psychic dressphere in Final Fantasy X/X-2 Rem... | PS3

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Walkthrough

19d ago - Welcome to Final Fantasy X! To help you find your way around Spira here is a (mostly) spoiler-fre... | PS3

Final Fantasy X: How to Play Blitzball | Tips

21d ago - Blitzball is the ultimate minigame in Final Fantasy X. You are introduced to the mechanics early... | PS3

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Release Day FAQ

23d ago - Gameskinny: While the release of PlayStation 2 staple Final Fantasy X hasn't exactly felt like ve... | PS3

Final Fantasy X HD Trophies Guide

23d ago - The Final Fantasy X HD trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 & PS Vita RPG HD Remaster a... | PS3

Final Fantasy X-2 HD Trophies Guide

24d ago - The Final Fantasy X-2 HD trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 & PS Vita RPG HD Remaster... | PS3

Final Fantasy X: Standard Sphere Grid vs Expert Sphere Grid

24d ago - Gameskinny explains what the Standard and Expert Sphere Grids are in FFX, and which one you prob... | PS3

13 Years Later, Final Fantasy X Is Still Great

28d ago - Jason Schreier: I have spent ~20 hours playing the HD remake of Final Fantasy X—out today for PS3... | PS3

Developers and fans celebrate the legacy of Final Fantasy X and X-2 for a good cause

28d ago - GamesBeat: Printed on one of the large white walls at Gallery Nucleus are five simple words: “Tog... | Culture

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Exhibition & Launch Event

31d ago - RPG Fan: "You know what I'm really good at? No, not graphic design. Not championing the cause of... | PS3

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

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Take A Look At The Contents Of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for Vita

39d ago - "As we are nearing the release of the much awaited HD remaster of Final Fantasy X and Final Fanta... | PS Vita

JRPG Gamer's Guide: March 2014 Edition

43d ago - Gaming Union: "February was quite the month for JRPG fans, but with its close comes yet another f... | Xbox 360

New Releases For The Month Of March

47d ago - The Tyuno Project: "It’s the month of March which means that Spring is officially here. Also it m... | PC

Fortune: Square Enix hopes the 'Fantasy' never ends

60d ago - FORTUNE -- Even though Square Enix now owns storied franchises like Tomb Raider, Thief, and Deus... | Industry

Final Fantasy X Then And Now: Has The Game Changed, Or Have I?

66d ago - "It’s funny how much we change." -PSLS comparing Final Fantasy X on PS2 to its remaster not just... | PS3
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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster

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