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VGU Talks – Does Final Fantasy VII Deserve A Remake?

3d ago - With the remake approaching us in the future, what does Dom think about Final Fantasy VII and whe... | PS4

10 Square Enix Games Begging for an HD Remaster

6d ago - With Final Fantasy VII getting a full remake, and the news about Kingdom Hearts 2.8, should Squar... | Wii

Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Games That Changed Our Lives: Final Fantasy VII and VIII

6d ago - Steven at GameSpew revisits Final Fantasy VII and VII and looks at just what made them so appeali... | Retro

Dear Square Enix, FFVII isn’t Broken, so please don’t “fix” it

8d ago - GE writes: Final Fantasy VII has won numerous awards including “Best RPG” of all time, “Best Game... | PS4

Top Six Games With Extremely Dubious Morality

10d ago - Titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls give you the option of going full evil and becoming hom... | PC

Final Fantasy VII iOS review | PlayersLink

12d ago - Final Fantasy VII for iOS is reviving a classic, of course, but not on an ideal platform to carry... | iPhone

The Handling of Death in Games: The Summoner, the Ancient, the Mortality

13d ago - The Mary Sue: "Games are more than just mindless entertainment. They’re works of art that mirror... | PS2

This Parody Offers Up a World Where Video Game Characters Have Twitter Accounts

17d ago - EB: Imagine scrolling through your feed and finding a tweet from Kratos that then gets trolled by... | Culture

Snag or Gag: Final Fantasy VII

18d ago - GE writes: "Today, we bring you a new article idea, one created in the mad mind of our new writer... | Retro

5 Easy Tokyo Game Show Predictions You Probably Made Yourself

20d ago - "Let’s talk about the Tokyo Game Show. Specifically, let’s say some stuff that’s extremely likely... | PC

PlayStation: A personal look back

23d ago - From Final Fantasy VII to Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, the original PlayStation was full... | Retro

Final Fantasy VII's Crew As Cartoon Characters

23d ago - Artist ZedEdge’s making a series of Final Fantasy VII character redesigns, mostly inspired by Big... | Culture

Final Fantasy 7 Review | The Vector

23d ago - Final Fantasy 7 triumphed because it stuck to its solid design. | iPhone

20 years of PlayStation - top 20 games (Part 2)

23d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Welcome back. Earlier today we talked about some of our favorite t... | Retro

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All of the Original's Flaws That Need Fixing

23d ago - Movie Pilot: "Even though Final Fantasy 7 is often considered to be one of the greatest games of... | PS4

Final Fantasy VII iOS Review | FOK

23d ago - The good old turn-based battles with the menus felt nostalgic, but it's a pity about the downsid... | iPhone

Final Fantasy VII Remake: 10 Essential New Features It Needs

23d ago - If Square Enix is going to try to improve a classic, here’s some things to keep in mind. | PS4

Critic Confession Time: These Are the Classic Games We’ve Never Played

23d ago - VICE: Do you know how many games come out every year? I'm not even talking about the ones that ma... | PC

Details and images for the Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Set

24d ago - New details and images have been listed for the upcoming Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Set. | Culture

Final Fantasy XIII: This generation's Final Fantasy VII

24d ago - GE writes: "Now, here is where things take a turn, and I’m probably going to get shot, beaten, an... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Five things that need to stay the same Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake

26d ago - Gamezone: Change is inevitable though, and we know it's coming. In this two part series, we'll l... | PS4

Square Enix CEO says Final Fantasy VII E3 reaction 'was like a wildfire'

26d ago - At E3 2015, Square Enix sent the gaming industry will with their Final Fantasy VII remake announc... | PS4

Review: Final Fantasy VII Mobile | Tech in Asia Games

26d ago - Final Fantasy VII's mobile version is currently only suitable to be purchased by mobile gamers wh... | iPhone

Screenshot Saturday – Final Fantasy VII cutting edge to happy memories

27d ago - TB writes: As has been proven so many times in the history of video games, technology rarely dete... | PS2

Five changes we'd like to see in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

28d ago - Gamezone: "Change is coming, even if we don't want it. Since that's the case, we might as well l... | PS4
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