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Final Philosophy: Final Fantasy VII’s Gaia Hypothesis

4d ago - GeekParty's Donavon Cawley writes, "If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy title, you’ve picked up... | Culture

Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer That Has It All

8d ago - A look at alternate gift ideas for the gamer in your life who has it all! | Tech

The Top 5 Most Iconic Swords in Gaming

8d ago - This week A Pixelated View Takes a look at 5 swords that have stood the test of time and gone on... | PC

12 Emotional Gaming Moments Guaranteed to Make You Ugly Cry

9d ago - Twinfinite writes: Here is a list of some of the most intense, passionate, and emotional ugly-cry... | Culture

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

The Ultimate RPG party Revealed

9d ago - IGN - Who would be your ultimate RPG party dream team? A team of mages like Morrigan, Lulu, and J... | Culture

Pros and Cons of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

10d ago - During the PlayStation Experience Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII would be coming to the... | PC

On Final Fantasy VII and Price Gouging

11d ago - Technology Tell writes, "Why the price jump for Final Fantasy VII? I went above and beyond to fin... | PS4

Final Fantasy VII HD Remastered – Square-Enix and the Art of Trolling

11d ago - Gamemoir's Nick D. thinks its safe to say that Square-Enix is just trolling us at this point. May... | PS4

Unpopular Opinion - We Don't Need Final Fantasy VII HD

11d ago - GeekParty's Jake Valentine: "Fans have been clamoring for an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII ever... | PS4

Why we don’t need a remake of Final Fantasy 7

11d ago - Fans might be screaming for it, but Final Fantasy 7 doesn't need a remake; it's fine just the way... | PC

Difference to Final Fantasy VII Being the Best and Selling the Best

12d ago - Gamasutra: Final Fantasy VII, made by SquareSoft and released in 1997, is said to be th... | PS4

Nope... I Will Not Be Buying Final Fantasy VII on PS4... and neither should you

15d ago - It's been fun to poke at... but at its core, yet another port of Final Fantasy VII is incredibly... | PS4

Why Won’t Square Remake FFVII?

16d ago - Once again, Square-Enix took to the stage of a media event and built up hopes for fans, only to s... | Culture

Square-Enix & The Problematic Final Fantasy 7 Fail Safe

16d ago - Pixel Gate writes: ''Oh Square-Enix, how the mighty fall…then get back up again and stumble ar... | PS4

I Will Buy Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 – So Should You

17d ago - Final Fantasy VII is coming to PS4, and although it isn't the shiny remake many of us would have... | PS4

Top 7 Reasons Why the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Announcement Isn't That Bad.

17d ago - Many fans of the seventh entry in the Final Fantasy series are up in arms over Square Enix trolli... | PS4

Why Fans Still Want a Final Fantasy 7 Remake

17d ago - TheArabGamer writes: "Recently Square Enix trolled the entire Final Fantasy 7 community by announ... | Retro

There's Something More to the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Port

18d ago - CheatCC says - "It feels like Square Enix performed the ultimate troll. The company finds out via... | PC

I Really Hope Square Enix Is Trolling Us

18d ago - GeekParty's Tim Evans: "To many, including yours truly, this weekend’s reveal was so disenchantin... | PS4

Well, Square Enix, You've Done It Again: Now It's Comical

18d ago - Final Fantasy VII on the PS4! Those words should've generated a maelstrom of tearful cheers but i... | PS4

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post

Stop Waiting For a Final Fantasy VII Remake

19d ago - An opinion piece on why a Final Fantasy VII remake may not be the best idea. Hot on the heels of... | Retro

Square Enix Hoodwinks Gamers; Port of Final Fantasy VII is Not What We Want

19d ago - Hardcore Gamer: t’s not that an enhanced port of Final Fantasy VII is unwanted, it’s just simply... | PS4

How Square Enix crushed gamers' spirits with the Final Fantasy 7 announcement

19d ago - GameZone's Mike Splechta: "In a way, it's silly to yearn for a remake of a game that came out in... | PS3

The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

19d ago - Over the weekend, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII was coming to the PlayStation 4. I... | PS4

Uncharted 4, Square's Epic FF7 Trolling, No Man's Sky - PlayStation Experience Highlights

20d ago - Dealspwn writes: The PlayStation Experience event kicked off last night, and Sony packed in a hef... | PS4
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