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Square Enix reinvents itself for the mobile gaming world

41d ago - Square Enix is a perfect example of how a developer/publisher can successfully shift its attentio... | iPhone

Tribute To Final Fantasy VII

41d ago - GE writes: "Dr. Moist and myself were a bit exhausted after a close encounter with some members o... | Retro

MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Final Fantasy VII killed Final Fantasy

41d ago - GE writes: "Well, you will be very angry right now, but I’m sorry to say, this topic needs to be... | PC

Top 10 Final Fantasy Vocal Songs

44d ago - SA writes: Final Fantasy has been one of the biggest RPG franchise since the late 80’s and its ga... | PS2

Final Fantasy VII for iOS is a pretty fantastic port

44d ago - Destructoid: Final Fantasy VII hit iOS last week with a $15.99 price tag, which left a number... | iPhone

One Tiny Tweak Makes iOS Final Fantasy VII Tons More Fun

44d ago - Wired: "One small tweak made to Square Enix’s new mobile version of Final Fantasy VII might make... | iPhone

Greatness Comes in Threes: Best Trilogies in Gaming - Part Two

47d ago - SPC writes, "The trilogy-- in movies it's a common occurrence with hugely successful blockbusters... | Nintendo DS

Let the Nostalgia Die: C.S. Lewis and the Final Fantasy VII Remake

48d ago - GC writes: I’ll admit it: the reveal trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake may have summoned a... | PS4

Top 10 Immortal Video Game Characters

48d ago - WM writes: "Join Watchmojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Immortal Video Game Character... | PS2

First impressions of Final Fantasy VII (iOS): What's changed, and is it any good?

49d ago - Pocket Gamer: Final Fantasy VII is now out on iPhone and iPad. Let's just pause and process th... | iPhone

'Final Fantasy VII' for iPhone and iPad First Impressions: It's About What You'd Expect

49d ago - TA writes: I'm roughly 90 minutes into Final Fantasy VII so far, and I streamed my whole play ses... | iPhone

We should embrace change in the Final Fantasy VII remake

53d ago - Some folks are wary of the changes that may be coming to the new version of Final Fantasy VII. Je... | PS4

25 Best Video Games Of The 90s

54d ago - WC: It’s truly a very sharp contrast casting your mind back to this titular decade. Chances are y... | Retro

Everything we know about the man behind the Final Fantasy 7 remake

56d ago - Edge: Over the past decade, many of Square Enix’s best-known designers have left the company – a... | PS4

PC's Most Shocking Story Moments

59d ago - PC Gamer Video game storytelling is still in its infancy. Few developers really play to the in... | Culture

Final Fantasy VII - A Not So Retro Retrospective

59d ago - RPGfan: Nearly twenty years after its initial release on PlayStation, I beat Final Fantasy VII fo... | PSP

Will Anyone Actually Like The Final Fantasy VII Remake?

59d ago - Remaking a game like Final Fantasy VII—a game loved by so many—is never going to end with everyon... | PS4

Final Fantasy VII Voted Push Square Readers' Greatest Ever Game

59d ago - Push Square: "We, along with the rest of the Push Square community, were screaming like little gi... | PSP

Classic Final Fantasy 7 rumors that could become reality in the remake

60d ago - GR: Final Fantasy 7 has enjoyed one of the most... imaginative rumor mills in gaming. Most are ju... | PS4

Should Final Fantasy VII Get Dramatic Changes?

61d ago - 411mania: Cue a ton of internet hatred coming… Something that many of us that write about video g... | PS4

Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

62d ago - WM writes: "What is it about villainous characters that we love so much? Welcome to WatchMojo and... | PS2

The Entire Saga That Lead To Final Fantasy VII Remake

64d ago - Extraquarter - "Over the past few years, I've written a lot about video games, covering the lates... | PS4

She Has to Die

65d ago - "With the Final Fantasy VII remake coming soon, there’s been much talk about what should change a... | PC

9 Hilariously Ugly Video Game Babes We All Had Crushes On

66d ago - Whatever you do, don't revisit Final Fantasy VII. Tifa hasn't aged well. | PS2

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Look Different, and That’s Okay

66d ago - PS4Home: "As a remake, FFVII will undoubtedly look different, but with no new characters being ad... | PS4

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