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To Final Fantasy fans: Don't Pass Up on XV

896d ago ... Final Fantasy versus XIII has been on my mind for about 5 years now (for some it's been teasing them for 7 years now) and, for a while, it looked pretty bleak for this game. First of all, nobody I asked knew about it at all (which was understandable because even those who did know about it didn't know much). A fair number of people bought PS3s mostly to play this game. We got a few trailers and...

My Decision of Choosing PS4 or XBO

917d ago ... During the near final exams in my college, PS4 and XBO were announced especially games like Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay and teasers of InFamous: Second Son, Deep Down and Knack and other multiplat games like The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs and Destiny and that was before E3 2013. I was excited for PS4 a bit then got into my final exams, finished exams and graduated on 13th June, happy that I have...

3rd Party Exclusives: Will they Return Later On?

944d ago ... First off, I mean FULL exclusives. Not on PC, just full exclusives. I've noticed we're seeing a lot of 1st party exclusives, which are ALWAYS key. At this years E3, we saw a lot of great 3rd party games, which we thought were exclusives. Like Final Fantasy XV. As you may know, that game was originally named Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I found it quite strange that Square Enix was putting it on t...

And This Years Champion Is....

974d ago ... The E3 press conferences are over. Nintendo didn't have the traditional press conference, option for a Nintendo Direct. Microsoft had their press conference first, then much later on Sony had there's. If you watched both conferences, then the winner should be quite obvious. Sony absolutely dominated E3. With a conference of 2 hours, Sony spent a bare minimum of time talking about non-gaming...

E3 2012 and What I Want to See

1433d ago ... Another year, another E3. Every year around June, the biggest and the best announcements and games are unveiled at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Every year something big is always announced at the worlds largest game trade show. It was E3 2005 that the PS3 and Wii were unveiled. In 2006, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII were announced. And it was 2007 that we saw Killzo...
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