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On Shelves This Week: December 20,2012 - January 5, 2012

477d ago - Normally, the end of the year is a slow time for game releases. Everyone who’s anyone has already... | Nintendo DS

The Five Games I Want To Import Right Now

491d ago - Ronald from Leviathyn | Importing games is a hassle but Japan hogs up so many awesome titles. Som... | PS3

Hello Kitty, Goodbye World – PlayStation JapanStyle December 2012

492d ago - Japan's PlayStation releases, game news bits, and more reporting from the other side of the ocean... | PSP

Rumor:Final Fantasy Type-0′s English localization was nearly completed last year

519d ago - Final Fantasy Type-0′s English localization was nearly completed in 2011, that is if Operation Su... | PSP

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Fantasy Star: Talking to Final Fantasy Scenario Director Hajime Tabata

533d ago - GameSpot talks to the man behind Crisis Core: Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Type-0 on his work... | PSP

Another Final Fantasy Fan Movement – Operation Suzaku

536d ago - Apparently, Square’s reluctance to share more information with the Final Fantasy fans has resulte... | PSP

Unfortunate Timing: RPGs Released Late In The PSP’s Life Cycle

539d ago - The PSP has been winding down in North America over the last few years, and with the Vita on the... | PSP

Project Crystallis: Op II

541d ago - Project Crystallis posts: "It’s finally time to start Project Crystallis’ second operation: OP.... | PSP

Project Crystallis Podcast 1

541d ago - Project Crystallis writes, "In our first podcast we introduce ourselves as well as cover the basi... | PSP

Project Crystallis: A Campaign for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Type-0

562d ago - writes: "Japanese company, Square Enix, is one of the most well-known video ga... | PSP

FF Type-0 Director Tabata Chats About FF Type-0, the PS Vita & More

563d ago - Translated highlights from a Creator Interview where Final Fantasy Type-0's director, Hajime Taba... | PSP

The Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization Problem You Might Not Know About

567d ago - RPG Land submits one theory about why FF Type-0's localization is taking so long. Most people hav... | PSP

The Top 7... Japanese games that absolutely need to be localized for the west

577d ago - Gamesradar- In 2012, most games released in Japan end up making their way to the US and UK--it’s... | Culture

Final Fantasy Type-0 Possibly Moving Abroad

589d ago - G.R. Bradley at Rant Gaming discusses Project Crystallis, a fan-based organization to show Square... | PSP

“Project Crystallis” Wants Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info and Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization

590d ago - This morning we here at Blistered thumbs received some interesting information from a new Final F... | PSP

Final Fantasy Type-0 Import Review | RPG Site

613d ago - "Without a western release in sight, we make the case for one of the best games in the series." | PSP

Why I believe Final Fantasy Type-0 will be localized as a HD title

674d ago - One of the PSP biggest hit is still being silently localized: Final Fantasy Type-0. With no infor... | PSP

Final Fantasy Music: The Heir to Uematsu's Throne

715d ago - GR: "I believe one small step (among many needed) toward Final Fantasy getting back to banging ou... | PS2

The World Ends With You 2 Will Be Announced Tomorrow

719d ago - Siliconera have recently announced that this Monday they will be unveiling a brand new title that... | Nintendo DS

Should Square Let Another Developer Make A Final Fantasy Title? - Final Fantasy Union

738d ago - GamingUnion: "Final Fantasy Union is back again to talk about all things FF, and this time around... | PSP

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Will English Speakers Ever Get To Enjoy Final Fantasy Type-0?

757d ago - GamingUnion: "The last couple of Final Fantasy games have been less than stellar for Square Enix,... | PSP

5 JRPG’s To Look Forward To In The Coming Months

765d ago - Timothy, and eGamer, have put together a little list of JRPG's to look forward to this year. Love... | PSP

Has Final Fantasy Officially Lost its Sheen? - Final Fantasy Union

767d ago - GamingUnion: "Another week, another episode of Final Fantasy Union is here to discuss all things... | PSP

Best Games We Didn’t Get Last Year

787d ago - A short list of some fantastic games that came out in 2011 in Japan that haven’t yet made it to N... | PSP

Final Fantasy Type-0 For The PS Vita

819d ago - Rumors from Square Enix related sources are saying that a new Final Fantasy will be coming to the... | PS Vita

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