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  Heat Signature: Sneaking in Space

From Herobyclicking It may seem lonely. A small ship drifting through space. The camera pulls out and the vast nothingness surrounds your meager...

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The Best Distractions in RPGs | Obstructed Views

165d ago - Obstructed Views: A lot of RPGs, in particular JRPGs, have a side dish that goes along with your... | Xbox

The Top 6 Best Main Final Fantasy Games

167d ago - The Koalition writes: "In continuation of Final Fantasy week here at The Koalition, we decided to... | Culture

The Top 6 Best Final Fantasy Heroes of All-Time

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Bad Boss Battles in Gaming History - Part Two

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Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Pixelitis Picks: Our favorite JRPG elements

174d ago - "Bravely Default is finally making its way to North American 3DSes this Friday, and it happens to... | PS2

Several Final Fantasy Games Discounted On European PSN

188d ago - Multiple Final Fantasy games are soon to become available for a reduced price on the European PSN. | PSP

Final Fantasy IX vs The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Part One

192d ago - Mike Perkins writes: "As a big fan of both, it still amazes me that there is such a fierce rivalr... | Culture

The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 65 – Starbound Diddy

197d ago - "Despite the header image, there will be no mention of Sean “Diddy” Combs or the cosmos as we kno... | PC

Final Fantasy IX originally had a different final boss

212d ago - "Who would have thought that we’d still be finding out new things about Final Fantasy IX, 13 year... | PSP

Guest Post: 7 Video Game Characters You Didn’t Know Were Feminist

225d ago - Twinfinite writes: "As the video game industry struggles to come to terms with all these women wh... | Culture

Final Fantasy IX: My gateway to the world of RPGs

257d ago - Final Fantasy IX is a beloved game, but to hardcore gamer Gabriel Zamora, it was his entry way to... | Retro

The Ten Best Final Fantasy Characters

260d ago - Of all of the Final Fantasy characters, a handful stand out above the rest. Be it for their great... | PS2

Square Enix Once Promised Final Fantasy VII, VIII And IX Remakes

276d ago - Square Enix once promise a remake not only for Final Fantasy VII but one for VIII and IX as well. | PC

11 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks

277d ago - ArcadeSushi: Before you start mouthing off about how weird this list of 11 Video Game Dudes That... | PS2

Top Ten Final Fantasy subplots

294d ago - "The old cliché goes, “it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that counts.” I would arg... | Retro

Why Final Fantasy IX Was the Best of the Series

324d ago - With the newest release of a Final Fantasy MMO I started to think about what the greatest game o... | Culture

Whatever Happened to Final Fantasy IX?

336d ago - With Final Fantasy XIV out today, GeekParty looks back at Final Fantasy IX. | Retro

Pixelitis Picks: Best summons to have in a pinch

356d ago - "The journey of the epic hero is often a long and arduous trek through unforgiving landscapes tee... | PS2

Top 10: Video Game Music Tracks | RyattaReviews

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Top 10 Nobou Uematsu Compositions

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One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

Now - Drew puts on his straw hat for another wacky adventure. | Promoted post

Pop Fiction: Final Fantasy IX: Lost Nero Family

361d ago - Was there one final quest lost in translation for over a decade? | Retro

Throwback Tuesday: A Look Back at Final Fantasy IX

385d ago - This week's Throwback Tuesday looks back at the last PlayStation1 entry for the Final Fantasy ser... | PSP

Check Out Nine Lovely Final Fantasy Music Samples From the New Distant Worlds Album

408d ago - The upcoming Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy – The Celebration album will be released on... | PS2

After 13 Years, New Sidequest Discovered in FFIX

428d ago - After 13 Years, New Sidequest Discovered in FFIX | PSP

Building Character: Princess Garnet

432d ago - oprainfall writes: “Princess Garnet is one of those characters who goes through some rather large... | Retro

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