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RPad.TV: Final Fantasy Dimensions Review

1027d ago - RPad.TV gives a review of Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS after 54 hours with the game. A wide v... | iPhone

Touch Arcade: Final Fantasy Dimensions Review

1029d ago - Touch Arcade: Ok, let's talk about the elephant in the room: price. Final Fantasy: Dimensions [Fr... | iPhone


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Nfamous - Final Fantasy Dimensions Review

1030d ago - Marron Marvel "The main reason I was ready and willing to shell out all of that money for the abo... | iPhone

Apps of the Week

1032d ago - So it is pretty much Friday and with that brings the most glorious weekend of the year! Indeed,... | iPhone

Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games of the Month for August '12

1033d ago - The month of August was a great month for RPG fans. We have seen 3 excellent ports from Square En... | iPhone

Pocket Gamer: Final Fantasy Dimensions Review

1033d ago - Pocket Gamer: When Square Enix releases a game on iOS, it’s almost a given that you're going to h... | iPhone

STP: Final Fantasy Dimensions Review

1034d ago - Slide To Play writes: "That Final Fantasy Dimensions exists at all is something of a miracle. Tha... | iPhone

Touch Arcade: 'Final Fantasy Dimensions' Prologue Review

1036d ago - Touch Arcade: Square Enix's latest iOS release is out, hot, and confusing the crap out of people.... | iPhone

Game Informer - Final Fantasy Dimensions: Prologue Impressions

1038d ago - Game Informer - Square Enix has released Final Fantasy games on mobile devices before, but today... | iPhone

'Final Fantasy Dimensions' Appears on International App Stores

1038d ago - Final Fantasy Dimensions is now available on the Apple App Store. | iPhone

RPad.TV Final Fantasy Dimensions Preview

1039d ago - RPad.TV posted impressions and original screens of Final Fantasy Dimensions for iPad. The site wa... | iPhone

The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 14 – A comedy of errors

1042d ago - It’s all fun and games until a chainsaw-wielding madman looms behind you. At least that’s what it... | PC

Is $29 For 'Final Fantasy Dimensions' Insane, or Exactly What The Mobile Market Needs?

1043d ago - Publisher Square Enix gave fans a case of sticker shock last week when they announced the price o... | Android

Final Fantasy Dimensions dated, collection priced at £20

1045d ago - Square Enix has announced launch and pricing details for Final Fantasy Dimensions. Developed b... | iPhone

Will Final Fantasy Dimensions be the Most Expensive Game In the App Store?

1046d ago - With a nearly $30 price tag, Square Enix is putting pressure on players’ wallets. | Mobile

Final Fantasy Dimensions Coming to iOS 8/31

1047d ago - Originating in Japan for "iMode" phones, the release marks the first time the game will be availa... | iPhone
100° New Pocket Sized Fantasy Finally Coming!

1116d ago - Final Fantasy Dimensions is finally being collected and released as one whole classic RPG adventure. | iPhone

BT Hands-On: Square Enix Goes Forward in Reverse With Final Fantasy Dimensions

1120d ago - BT writes: Now of course Square Enix is no stranger to the iOS platform, having released any numb... | iPhone

E3: Final Fantasy Dimensions is old-school Final Fantasy | Destructoid

1120d ago - Destructoid: Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII-2 not doing it for you? Is Final Fantasy VI... | iPhone

Kotaku: E3 2012 Proves That JRPGs Are Still Kicking

1122d ago - Fortunately, the real E3—that is, the show floor, where you could go around and play tons and ton... | Wii

Indie Game Month Contest Details

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Final Fantasy Dimensions Mobile Game's Gameplay Video Streamed

1124d ago - The video game news website IGN posted a hands-on gameplay video on Wednesday for Square Enix's u... | Mobile

E3 2012 iPhone And iPad Games We Can't Wait To See

1129d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): You can bet that next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (otherwise known... | iPhone

Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS

1132d ago - iPhone gamers have an original Final Fantasy game to look forward to this summer. | iPhone

RumorMill: Final Fantasy: Dimensions Is Dissidia For The 3DS

1223d ago - Unconfirmed reports imply that Final Fantasy: Dimensions may be a Dissidia reboot for the Nintend... | 3DS
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Final Fantasy: Dimensions

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