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User Review : Final Fantasy 7

  • Fantastic Characters
  • Emotional Ride
  • Great Story
  • Plot Holes
  • A tad bit confusing

Take me with you.

Squaresoft. One of the most dominate developers and history and arguably the greatest during the original Playstation era. They never would believe that they would be in the situation they're at right now. Now is the ultimate risk, an ultimate chance to culminate themselves.

Final Fantasy 7 starts out a bit slow. You start out with a tough and gritty character named Cloud Strife who is on a mission with Barret Wallace. He just left soldier and is reuniting with a longtime friend, Tifa Lockheart. He is confused about what happened years ago, and after soldier, he becomes a changed man.

The battle system is turn-based and fun for Classic RPG fans. It might be outdated today, but at its time it was amazing. Its all about strategy and how your characters match up. Limit Breaks and Magic. Materia System is what makes this game shine. It works really well for players and gives them plenty of options.

Graphically, its was very impressive for its time. Eye popping cinematic and an amazing environment. The world map is really fantastic and so is the blossoming theme.

The soundtrack is just beautiful, you could even find yourself searching the internet just to hear some of the tracks, Nobuo Uematsu and his team did an amazing job.

One of the biggest pluses for Final Fantasy VII is the Characters. One of the greatest cast of characters in Final Fantasy history. You care and want to know the characters. They're very honest and human. They have feelings, emotions, and love. They all get their own part in the game, so in turn you learn a lot about them. They're all unique to the game and each posses different abilities. The characters in this game, are truly one of a kind. The main antagonist is brilliant as you journey to find him, before he finds you. He is truly amazing and one of the best characters in the series and serves the game well.

Story wise, plenty of games can't compete, the story is well-put and truly shows the character development and even makes you grow with them. However, the story does contain a few plot holes and might be a little confusing for some. It certainly doesn't mean the story was bad. The story in this game serves the game well and shows how great SquareSoft is at story telling. I got out a few tissue boxes for Aries special scene.

Overall, this is a game that you should definitely play. It's one of those games that you'll never forget. It shows how brilliant Squaresoft is and how amazing the Final Fantasy series is. It's truly an amazing game. Still affects me till this day.

Great graphics, might not be the best on the fifth generation era. But fantastic for its time.
Fun Factor
Enjoyable Mini-Games, Strategic, and very creative.
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fsfsxii1928d ago

Its not very confusing at all IF you played Crisis Core.
Anyway, i beat the game about a month ago, ever since then, my taste in gaming and everything has changed.

Finalfantasykid1926d ago

Crisis core pretty much answers and clears up all the confusion and plot holes. But I suppose this review should only take into account FFVII, and not any of the spin offs, especially since they didn't come out until a long time after.

nooneknows1925d ago

True, however, its confusing for first timers who'v played the game for the first time.

Like the guy said below, this only accounts for FFVII.

fsfsxii1925d ago

My bad.
I wanted the review to have a little more depth but its good nonetheless

iliimaster1927d ago

i remember playing this game for hours and hours just to level up, it re introduced me to the franchise and had me hooked till 10x2 after the turn based system went it wasn't final fantasy anymore it was world of warcraft 2.0 i even fired off a letter to their cooperate office to voice my displeasure, i even have purchased this last one with lightning ? i dont even know the games name but i have the part 2 to it aswell. and i cannot bring myself to get thru the first one to play what they said was kinda fixed from the first one...

good read

wishingW3L1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Justin Wong turned into a believer after beating the game for the first time a couple of weeks ago. And for those that don't know who he is, he's the protagonist of EVO Moment #37 and one of the best fighting game players (if not the best) in NA.

If a game this old still has the capacity to impress people then imagine playing it when it came out....