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Summer Lessons: A course in Cultural Understanding Part 2

139d ago ... So, imagine you are a young guy in his 20s in this setting. You find the dream that was promised to you as a child, the dream that you worked towards your whole life, turn out to be a lie. Nobody will tell you the truths about life when you are young, certainly not truths like these, they sell you lies and fiction. Lies and fiction convince and motivate you to do exactly what they think you nee...

The Game Industry, or why I'm not a Developer.

980d ago ... Ever since my most tender years, I knew that I loved videogames. I loved them like Kennedy loved Monroe: Passionately, but at the cost of my health. Being epileptic, my parents have always been skeptical, and highly critical of my favorite past time, in fear that it would kill me. But at the rate things are going, the video game industry will kill itself before it has the opportunity to do me a...

My rant/review about saints row the third *story/gameplay spoilers*

1162d ago ... I am a big fan of the saints row series from the beginning and I was excited to get my hands on SR3. I was kinda worried though to hear that some activities were cut(hot fuzz,septic avenger, fight club, and demolition derby) and even more worried when they announced the 40 weeks of DLC plan but Volition made claims that they cut multiplayer to make the single player experience better. Sure, I k...
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