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User Review : FIFA Street

  • Fun Gameplay
  • Great Multiplayer
  • Repititive Career Mode
  • Not Much Lasting Appeal

FIFA Street Review

So I'm guessing most of you who like soccer games have either picked up their copies of FIFA 12 or Pro Evo for your yearly fix of soccer action,but if that isn't calming your hunger for more EA have brought out Fifa Street.If your looking for a serious soccer game this one is not for you as if you try to have a slow steady build up to get a goal you will become very frustrated by this game as it relies on individual players skills in a small 5 a side game on a small street pitch with tiny goals.Now maybe im making the game sound bad in that sentence but believe me when i say this game is a lot of fun!There is nothing like rainbow flicking the ball over an opponents head "megging" the next guy and setting another player up for a stunning bycicle kick to score a goal.Thats what this games all about and its almost as enjoyable watching players pull off this tricks as it is performing them.......almost.

I'm not going to say the game looks amazing as it doesn't have the slickness of graphics like in Fifa 12 but the player likenesses look well and the arenas you will be playing in look good from playing on a simple park pitch to rooftops,even in front of Notre Dame.They create a nice atmosphere for matches with animations in the background and people cheering you on but nothing can compare to the kind of atmosphere you get from a packed Old Trafford or Bernabaou in FIFA 12.The pitches themselves range in size from small coimpact pitches to slightly bigger ones and the goals are different sizes in some pitches also leading you to change your play style for different locations.Soundwise there isn't any commentary but then again this is street football.You can hear the players shout as they fight for the ball or call for passes etc.As far as presentation goes in the menus a lot more could have been done here as they feel a bit thrown together.

The game uses a lot of the same engines to run the game as Fifa 12 and if any of you have played that game you know sometimes players can get into some very awkward tangles when colliding and this happens a lot more frequently in this game due to the smaller pitches.Players are always in close proximity to each other.Gameplay itself though is very entertaining.Some of the tricks can be difficult to pull off but all in all the control scheme is easy to get the hang of and quickly you will feel like what i can only imagine Lionel Messi feels like on a daily basis,leaving players for dead and scoring some amazing looking goals.You can score these goals playing as most of the top teams in Europe but there isn't many of the smaller teams included here.There is also a handful of International teams thrown in the mix also.

Career mode is the main option in this game and its where you take your team of up and coming stars and try to dominate the world of street soccer.When you first start career mode let me warn you there is going to be a lot of hours of grinding to move up to the higher divisons.Your players don't start off with every trick under their belt.As you play matches your players gain points for their actions on the pitch which you spend to unlock tricks and improve them.It is good fun advancing your players along but it does become quite tedious due to the lack of an auto level option.Instead after every match you will have to manually allocate all your points.This bothered me as it did become quite a boring task.To progress you will need to win tournaments until you reach the final in Brazil the home of street football.

Now to the multiplayer which i have to say i haven't had this much fun with a game in a long time.In my opinion this game is best enjoyed with a group of friends but its just as entertaining online.There is nothin like making your friends' teams players look like a bunch of idiots with your masterful skill and trickery on the ball.You can play World tour online where it populates each region with real life peoples teams.For example if you live in South England and play a world tour game there you will be playing against people from that region which is a nice addition.

The games themselves often end in quite high scores which isn't a bad thing but this is mainly because the game highly favours the attacking side.Defending a one goal lead is not going to be possible in this game.Goalkeepers also make some bizarre decisions also often leaving your goal unattended which all factor into the high scoring games.There are a lot of different modes for matches also.There is a classic 5 a side,futsal which is the official name for street soccer but it has fouls and free kicks.A new mode Penna involves racking up points for each individual piece of trickery you perform which are only banked when you score a goal.However if your opponent scores before this your points are dropped back to zero and his points are banked.Another mode if you want a fast game is last man standing where a player is eliminated off your team for every goal you score.

If your looking for another FIFA 12 type game this isn't it.The game focuses on flair and players own individual skill.This game is just out and out great fun.You aren't going to get lost in the career mode but the game has a lot to offer in multiplayer especially with a group of friends.While the games don't have quite the atmosphere as Fifa 12 the arenas look nice and the players movements look well and tricks look impressive.This is a solid game and if your on the fence whether to purchase it or not i would recommend it as there is a lot of enjoyment to be gotten out of this game.

The graphics are pretty good.Players look well and the arenas are well presented
The music suits the gameplay and its nice to hear the players speakig to each other but the lack of large crowds and commentary fail to create the kind of atmosphere you get in FIFA 12
Gameplay is serious fun in this game especially with a couple of mates gathered around
Fun Factor
A lot of fun to be had here especially in multiplayer
Good online gameplay but in my opinion it is better enjoyed with friends in the room
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TheDareDevil2179d ago

I remember playing so much FIFA street on my friend's PS2. Good times.

How does it compare to previous FIFA Streets?
Is the game as polished as FIFA 12?

I don't know I might pick this up later. Can't see myself paying $60 for this