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Phil Fish: And Something of Value Was Lost

668d ago ... So, that's all, folks. Phil Fish left the game industry, cancelled his game, and that is that. Some might say "good riddance. Nothing of value was lost. What a crybaby". Others might be upset at the loss of Fez II. But what caused all this? Most people who know the indie game scene know about Phil Fish. He's very outspoken, very rude, and very full of himself. He's received a lot of hate whi...

Why indies are going to matter now more than ever

734d ago ... As rumors swirl around and as we get more glimpses into the almost-always-online future of the Xbox One, people are a bit bothered by the possibility that this is simply the way future gaming is going to be. Unfortunately, that's what happens when Microsoft reveals a so-called "console" and almost completely ignores games. It doesn't inspire confidence that gaming is going to be the focus in...

Why Sony's indie initiative means big things for the future

788d ago ... I don't know about you, but I got pretty geeked out after GDC this year. Why? I'm excited about all the games coming to my Vita. Now, I've been happy with the system so far. I bought it only a few months ago, since it's my policy to wait a year or so before buying a system. It helps avoid the "1st year lull" that is all too common with many videogame systems. But after seeing the games Sony has...
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