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Logres of Swords and Sorcery Collaborates With Fate Extra CCC

367d ago - Marvelous AQL have announced a new collaboration event for the Logres of Swords and Sorcery smart... | iPhone

Free Fate/Extra CCC Crossover Costumes For Valhalla Knights 3 Coming In June

646d ago - Marvelous AQL published Fate/Extra CCC in Japan and they’re borrowing Saber’s virgin bride costum... | PSP

Introducing Fate/Extra CCC’s Delusional Nun And Her Servant Andersen

658d ago - Meet master Kiara Sesshouin and her Servant, Andersen. | PSP

Windy Sister Dragon Sacrifice: PlayStation JapanStyle April 2013 (Warning: possibly NSFW)

686d ago - Japanese Game Releases, a few news bits, and a look at the life and times of a Japanese gamer. A... | PSP

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Fate/Extra Goes Rathian Hunting With Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaboration

697d ago - Capcom and Type-Moon have a pretty good relationship. Remember the Eighting developed fighting ga... | Xbox 360

Fate/Extra CCC I Rice Digital

698d ago - Recently released in Japan, Rice Digital take a look at one of the most overlooked series from Ja... | PSP

Here’s A Good 20 Minutes Of Fate/Extra CCC Gameplay

702d ago - Fate/Extra CCC was released in Japan today, and this week, Marvelous AQL shared a 20-minute video... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC Promo Video Shows Saber In A Battle

703d ago - Marvelous AQL have shared another promo video for Fate/Extra CCC, this time demonstrating the gam... | PSP

Another Snippet Of Fate/Extra CCC

708d ago - Marvelous AQL released a short video from Fate/Extra CCC which takes place at Tsukumihara. Player... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC’s Latest Promo Focuses On Rin Tohsaka Once More

716d ago - Fate/Extra CCC’s latest promo video, titled “Secret Garden,” can be viewed inside. | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC Has Auto Battle Mode For Players Who Prefer To Watch Fights

718d ago - Famitsu detailed some of the features that should make Fate/Extra CCC more friendly for newcomers... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC Clip Shows Saber Ready For A Fight

737d ago - Fate/Extra CCC lets players pick a Servant like Gilgamesh, Archer, Caster or Saber who wears a we... | 3DS

"Fate/Extra CCC" Virgin White Box Packaging Previewed

751d ago - Scott Green: ''In the latest preview movie for upcoming the PSP RPG, Marvelous AQL opens up Fate/... | PSP

Check Out Fate/Extra CCC’s Opening Movie By Anime Studio Shaft

765d ago - Marvelous AQL have released the opening video to Fate/Extra CCC, which is scheduled for release t... | PSP

Is Rin Tohsaka The Master Of Fate/Extra CCC’s Sakura Labyrinth

769d ago - One of the mysteries in Fate/Extra CCC is what Rin Tohsaka is doing. She sealed herself off in th... | PSP

See The Saber And The Other Three Servants In Fate/Extra CCC

794d ago - The rumors about another delay for Fate/Extra CCC are true. This new trailer confirms the March 2... | PSP

Rumor: Fate/Extra CCC Delayed Yet Again

796d ago - Fate/Extra CCC was supposed to come out in spring 2012 and it looked like Marvelous AQL finally s... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC’s Other New Servant Reporting For Duty

805d ago - Karuna from the Fate/Apocrypha light novel is in Fate/Extra CCC, and you can view a short video o... | PSP

New Fate/Extra CCC Short Is All About Lancer

819d ago - Lancer is a mysterious character that claims to be a servant in Fate/Extra CCC. She attacks with... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC Has Opening Anime From Madoka Magica Studio

873d ago - Siliconera: Shaft, the animation studio behind Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Bakemonogatari, is m... | PSP

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Fate/Extra CCC’s Saber Bride Figma Comes With Takashi Takeuchi Head Design

931d ago - As previously reported, the limited edition of Fate/Extra CCC will come with a Saber Bride Figma... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC’s Story Centers On Sakura

943d ago - Fate/Extra CCCs Story Centers On SakuraKinoko Nasu wrote a brand new story for Fate/Extra CCC, wh... | PSP

"Fate/Extra CCC" Promo Movies

948d ago - Marvelous AQL has posted a trio of promos for the upcoming Fate/Extra CCC, including a general pr... | PSP

Fate/Extra CCC Will Keep The PSP Going Strong, At Least Until 2013

950d ago - On the bright side, Fate/Extra CCC has a firm release – February 21, 2013. The downside is the ga... | PSP

Fate/EXTRA Collector’s Edition Detailed

1040d ago - Ghostlight has announced details of the Fate/EXTRA Collector’s Edition set for release on PlaySta... | PSP
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