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2016 Will Be Great For Console Gaming

38d ago ... Hello everyone, this is my first blog post, also English it's not my native language, please sorry for any mistakes that may occur on the text. Anyway, looks like we will have a great year for games, so many titles are planned to be released in 2016 for all the platforms. Big multiplaform franchises are coming, games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Yooka-Laylee, Dark Souls 3, The Division, Doo...

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate has to be a gamechanger

134d ago ... Assassin's Creed should be a Metal Gear Solid or an Uncharted. But it's not. And how could it be? Its meteoric rise following the second and third installments (which were brilliant in their own right) has been marred by cruddy endings and cash grab attempts. It's one of the things that makes me ambivalent, because in the midst of being nostalgic about the dreamy soundtrack and immersion...

Destiny: The Cosmic Mausoleum

267d ago ... The longer that you spend in Destiny’s Tower hub-world, the more that you’ll quickly become accustom to its many practices and rituals. After being ferried into its courtyard the breadth of The Tower opens up in front of you, the opulent, regal decoration of its many expanses a far cry from the war-torn planes that exist beyond its borders. To your right, the Cryptarch ponders the contents o...

Buying a Work in Progress

333d ago ... Once upon a time, when you bought a console or game, you knew what you had in your hands. You had a finished product. A definite and contained experience for all time to come….or until the cartridge disintegrated. Things have certainly changed since then. The PS3 I bought at launch is a far cry from the one I have on my table next to me. Even my games change over time, especially the online com...

Are Games Spreading the Idea of Violence?

433d ago ... Yesterday I have been reading a news from The Guardian, which was about the sale of the recently released video game Grand Auto Theft banned in Australia due to violence against women. I wouldn't discuss violence against women specifically because once it's violence it against all kind of people. The article wasn't too long but it raised a quite large controversial debate topic: is the idea vio...

Industry Issues – Crytek and Kim Kardashian

557d ago ... As Crytek UK suffers an increasing number of walkouts, Kim Kardashian looks to make an incredible amount of money off of her mobile game – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Crytek in Nottingham has faced a number of problems in recent months, most importantly its staff not being paid. After Hasit Zala, the director of Homefront: The Revolution recently walked out, it seems like these problems are n...

Turtle Beach's Beautiful Game Search is Turning Out to Be a Joke.

578d ago ... Turtle Beach recently started a "campaign" to crown the best game of all time. They've narrowed it down to the top 15 games that people have been pushing for. Here is that list: Borderlands 2 Call of Duty: Ghosts Dwarf Fortress Far Cry 3 FIFA 14 Final Fantasy X Grand Theft Auto V Halo 3 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Pac Man Resident Evil Super Mario Galaxy The Elder Scrolls V:...

The viewpoint of a single gamer

608d ago ... Never thought I'd be a person to do a blog but after the latest "scandal" going through the gaming world I felt I had to take to my keyboard/phone and let loose. Please bear in mind I've never done one of these, most likely never will again so cherish the moment (or let it die in the submissions area) and feel free to criticise/point out areas I need to approve . The topic I'm referring...

March Prizes: PS4s and More

712d ago ... The month of March is going to have some different contests, and so I wanted to give you a rough outline of what to expect in the coming weeks (it’s all good)! We’re celebrating our inaugural GOTY poll by giving away all the winners*. YES, including a PS4, winner of our Best Next Gen Console category. Actually… We’re giving away TWO PS4s! So here’s some of the prizes you can look fo...

N4G GOTY WINNERS! (and Amazon Gift Card Winners!)

743d ago ... SEQUEL FAIL: Call of Duty Ghosts BEST VOICE ACTING: Troy Baker as Joel (The Last of Us) BEST DLC: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon BEST STORY: The Last of Us BEST SOUNDTRACK: The Last of Us BEST MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE: Battlefield 4 BEST NEW VIDEO GAME CHARACTER: Trevor Phillips, Gand Theft Auto V MOST REPLAYABLE GAME: Grand Theft Auto V GAME WITH BEST INNOVATION: The La...

8th Gen - The Death (Finally!) of Corridor Shooters?

974d ago ... The blog picture comes from here: , and I think it's a fitting way to describe the modern FPS genre. I like shooters. I really do, but I've been a bit worn out on them recently. I have my reasons, but chief among them would be how every FPS these days seems to be a corridor shooter. I grew up on shooters like Duke Nukem, Strife, Syst...

5 forgotten promises of the 3DS

1031d ago ... Do some digging into Nintendo's own announcements for the system and you'll begin to find that the current state of the 3DS is a far cry from what we were led to expect. Promises were made. Features were implied. Yet, here we are today with a system that isn't all it could have been. 1.An online revolution Oh, Nintendo. When will you learn? The 3DS could have been the start of another gamin...

Are JRPGs dying? (How Japan can be relevant again in the West)

1032d ago ... It was with a sense of awe that I booted up RPGs back in the day. These games felt so new, so fresh, so full of depth and exciting possibilities. Growing up, my dad was an engineer who always happened to have a great PC, and thus I was introduced to a lot of Western RPGs like Ultima and Wasteland. However, it was the RPGs on the NES, SEGA Genesis, and SNES that really captured my imagination, g...

I Want My Boss Battles Back

1117d ago ... Ah boss battles: the classic checkpoint marker and definitive end to many games. But this generation their importance has started to dwindle as has the effort put into creating them by many developers, so where are boss battles now and what significance do they play in modern gaming? We have recently seen the introduction of Quick-Time Event boss battles, arguably the worst use of this lazy...

Most Overrated Game of 2012...

1118d ago ... Goes to Far Cry 3. Yes, Far Cry 3 was a good game. Fans of the game, please don't feel the need to leap to its defence and tell me why you thought it was better than everything else, and how revolutionary it was. I enjoyed Far Cry 3, which I why I completed it (finally) recently. However, as much as I enjoyed Far Cry 3, I couldn't help but feel much of the game's much touted strengths were a...

December Winners

1128d ago ... LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Prize: 4 Winners - $50 Amazon Gift Card each! greenranger_ bicfitness sandman224 Tetsujin Bonus winner: Simon_Brezhnev COMMENT LOTTERY: Prize: 4 winners - a $50 Amazon Gift Card each! MariaHelFutura MysticStrummer BitbyDeath ApolloTheBoss Bonus Winner: Godchild1020 BEST USER BLOG: Prize: 3 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each! MariaHelF...

Stillborn Articles

1129d ago ... Something incredibly unfortunate has come to my attention. While perusing the pending articles section and approving/reporting/tracking articles, I noticed that many articles are being passed with 0-40 degrees. That doesn't seem horrible at first glance, until you realize something that does to them as they enter the front page. As articles with less than 50 degrees enter the first page......

Some Gaming Taste Buds

1133d ago ... New and impressive games are coming out all the time; whether they're small, independently developed titles or big budget, triple A titles. So many games beg for our gaming attention, and usually, the big budget games are the first to take hold. I enjoy playing a lot of these games as well, especially games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry 3, and Skyrim. Some of these games neve...

I can definitely say I enjoyed E3 conferences (almost LIVE) - part2

1339d ago ... UBISOFT JUST DANCE 4 I confess, I watched Ubisoft's conference in playback (was too late for me to watch live) and skipped the first part ^_^'... FAR CRY 3 absolutely crazy, boobs for starters were quite a novelty but I appreciate a game that is not shy, since it seems you can kill people in the most gory ways, yet a female breast can generate such a big fuss (which is crazier than this...

E3 2011 Ubisoft Press Conference

1710d ago ... Ok this press conference wasn't as boring as the EA one but not much made me look forward to the next 12 months. Anyway here's my responses to the announcements. - Rayman Origins. Seems like fun. Also has local co op like a lot more games should. - Driver San Francisco. I wasn't a fan and still not sold on it. Also confused on what's going on. - Far Cry 3. Not my type of game but vis...
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