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User Review : Far Cry 3

  • Top tier visuals
  • Excellent sound and acting
  • Addictive and amazing gameplay
  • At times the a.i. can be a bit dull
  • Competent multiplayer, but nothing really new

Welcome to the island...

...insanity calls home!

Far cry 3 opens with a concussive bang, amazing voice acting and a chilling scene. From the outset our main character is already in a dire situation, pirates/terrorists/mad men have captured you and your Abercrombie wearing friends, and it soon becomes up to you to save them and yourself. The rabbit hole you will descend down is rife with violence, fear, hallucinations, suspense and good old fashioned fun!

The game is excellently paced, from the start a sense of urgency abounds. You will need to master this island, or it will quickly become your shallow and sunny grave. Without going into too much detail, sufice it to say there will be people native to the island that are also in desperate situations, they will need your help. In exchange they will guide you to your friends and show you the ways of Rook island and help you to grow stronger, more cunning, and more ferocious.

The weapons in the game are diverse and excellently modeled, the recoil and weight to each is done perfectly, and the sound when you fire off a round is immense and splendid. The shooting mechanics are expertly crafted and feel authentic. If you were searching for a minor gripe, it could be that the a.i. is somewhat lackluster at times. As usually is the case with most shooters, enimies can be funneled into doorways or corridors and taken out two to three at a time.

Quite honestly though, this is a minor complaint, most encounters will occur in a vast open area, you will find yourself ducking for cover and praying for a spare moment to inject yourself with a healing herb syringe that you have crafted yourself....the firefights are epic and intense, and speaking of crafting...

Crafting in the game is simple, straightforward, but nessasary. Unlike many games that have a crafting element that is totally optional, in Far Cry 3, is is downright mandatory, that is, unless you want a wallet that only holds a few hundred dollars, a weapon holster that only allows you to carry one gun, or a backback that fills up within one or two missions. These items can be crafted by hunting the indigenous species of the island. Stalking the beautiful foothills in the setting sun, lining up the perfect shot. Using your own crafted hunters potions to mask your scent and veil you approach, this is NOT your average mash a few ingots together to make new boots affair.

No, this is Far Cry 3, a giant, beautiful sandbox that allows you to game the way you see fit. There are giant radio towers to decommision to gain access to new weapons, relics to be found for experience gains, wanted posters with assassinations to complete. As you progress through the game you will be awarded skill points, these translate into new tattoos that appear on your avatars body, signaling yet another right of passage. They range from simple speed increases, or holding your breath longer while aiming to more elaborate choices that will play into your gaming styles, like stealth killing an enemy from above, or dragging the bodies of your victims away from prying eyes.

The game rewards you for playing to your liking, exploration, precision and a slight case of ocd are all favored here, and you will be rewarded handsomely for them all.

The visuals of the game are 100% top tier, day and night cycle in and out with a gentle ebb and flow, thunderstorms roll in over the vast waterways, streams, lakes and estuaries. The sun glints through the trees with a warm, realistic glow. The animals are modeled excellently and the in game character models are truly a sight to behold. The draw distance in the game is jaw droppingly beautiful, sometimes you will find yourself pearched 100's of feet in the air on a giant radio tower, in sheer awe at the masterful world laid out before you, or hang-gliding over the misty foothills of some unexplored range.

As for the multiplayer, I only checked out about an hour or so, I am just having way too much fun exploring the vastness of the single player portion. What I did play of it struck me as very fun, yet very familiar. Though the amazing visuals and audio presentation still hold true in the MP portion of the game. After I have spent many, many more hours roaming the wildlands of the island, I am quite sure I will be back to give the MP a closer look.

Let me say this, as close as any vidoe game can get to perfection, this is it. The gunplay, the visuals, the audio, the voice acting, the rpg-like elements, the vast and wonderfully realized world, they all come together to form a glorious cornucopia of gaming awesomeness that, I believe, is unmatched this year, possibly this generation...

That is Far Cry 3, you owe it to yourself to get lost on this beautiful and terrifying island, jump on in, the longest part of a journey is the first step.

What are you waiting for?

Truly amazing visuals, vistas and modeling.
Moody, deep, and punchy in all the right places.
Pure fun, it taps into exactly WHAT makes a game fun!
Fun Factor
*see above
What little I played of it seems quite competent, though nothing revolutionary or amazing.
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Foxton012015d ago

Great review, and i feel the same way after playing it for 10 hours or so!

Also that bow is freaking epic. i find myself trying to line up 100m shots with it just for fun, instead of pulling out the big ass sniper.

One thing i'd like though, is to have some use of animal skins after i craft the mandatory items. I might be missing something, but i feel there should be options to combine some leathers into something sellable or into something you could apply to a weapon.

landog2014d ago

thanks man, totally agree about the animals, would be cool if you could use them for small, incremental upgrades to things like potency of medicine, augment ammo with poison, put shark teeth barbs on arrows for added effect, anything...

cause hunting those animals is darn fun, but after you have everything it feels kinda mean to just stab a pig for no