Dev of the Day : Red Barrels
  At a Glance: Red Barrels

Red Barrels is an independent game studio based in Montreal and focused on creating unforgettable single-player games. OUTLAST, the studio's first...

Far Cry 3 Previews  

Pigs, tigers, pirates and an island full of crazy people: Hands-on with Far Cry 3 (

638d ago - Far Cry 3 does away with weapon jamming, malaria and endlessly respawning enemies (hallelujah!) a... | PC

CVG - Far Cry 3 : Why Mother Nature is the biggest killer - plus new videos

638d ago - CVG - When we sat down with Far Cry 3 producer and very tall man Dan Hay, we took the chance to a... | PC

Hands-on: Far Cry 3 (Single-Player) | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

638d ago - Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "I’m halfway through skinning a dead Komodo dragon when all my suspicions a... | PC

Far Cry 3 Preview: Blending Story and Open World Design | Machinima

638d ago - Machinima: "Ubisoft has had time to learn from the series' past, taking the parts that worked whi... | PC

Filmwatch June Contests

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Far Cry 3 Hands-on Preview -- Unfortunate Tourist, Lethal Survivor | G4

638d ago - G4: "Ubisoft sets us loose on the weird, wild expanses of Far Cry 3 for this extended hands-on pr... | PC

'Far Cry 3' campaign preview: One-way ticket out of paradise | Digital Spy

639d ago - Digital Spy: "Far Cry 3 sees the return of Ubisoft's shooter series with another open world epic... | PC

VG247:Far Cry 3 preview: the Jason Brody chronicles

639d ago - VG247 has obtained a travel journal belonging to the missing American tourist, Jason Brody. The f... | PC

Far Cry 3 Preview: Territoriality, crafting and early tech analysis | EuroGamer

639d ago - EuroGamer: "With Far Cry 3, Ubisoft Montreal leaves behind the dry African savannahs and muggy sw... | PC

Far Cry 3 Hands-on Preview [IncGamers]

639d ago - IncGamers writes: "The premise of Far Cry 3 is not all that dissimilar to a teen horror movie; a... | PC

Complex's Far Cry 3 campaign preview: 10 awesome open-world experiences

639d ago - Complex: "Far Cry 2 was a unique open-world sandbox shooter that suffered from a tad too much rea... | PC

Kotaku: Everything You Need To Know About Far Cry 3’s Vast, Exhilarating Open World

639d ago - Kotaku- Between XCOM and Dishonored, most gamers are probably unable to even think about anything... | PC

GamerZines: Far Cry 3 | Hands-On

639d ago - GamerZines writes: If you’re planning a trip to an obscure tropical island with a needlessly b... | PC

Destructoid Preview: How cassowaries saved my life in Far Cry 3

639d ago - Destructoid: "At a recent Ubisoft extended hands-on press event for Far Cry 3, I quickly learned... | PC

GamesRadar Preview - Far Cry 3: 14 things we didn't expect to be doing in the first three hours

639d ago - GamesRadar - Sun, sea and sandbox Far Cry 3 promises to be one of this year’s biggest, denses... | PC

Far Cry 3 Preview | Gamereactor UK

639d ago - GR-UK writes: "A glance behind us, and we see someone arrowing a jet-ski between beach-side rocks... | PC

Far Cry 3 Extensive Hands-On Preview | Dealspwn

639d ago - Dealspwn: "On the evidence of our hands-on experience, Far Cry 3 has it all locked down pretty ni... | PC

Far Cry 3 Balances an Unforgettable Narrative with an Open World | VentureBeat Preview

639d ago - Dean Takahashi writes: When Ubisoft unveiled the gameplay of Far Cry 3 this summer, the images an... | PC

Far Cry 3 Preview | TheSixthAxis

639d ago - TSA: "This game is huge sprawling mass of variety and one that could so easily go a bit wrong in... | Xbox 360

Preview: Far Cry 3 (This Is My Joystick)

639d ago - The development team spent a great deal of time on the Island Geography to ensure that there woul... | Xbox 360

Far Cry 3 Hands On Report – Part Two | The Reticule

639d ago - Chris gives us the second part of his hands on report of Far Cry 3 strsight from this years Eurog... | PC

Watch Dogs Review

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Far Cry 3 Hands On Report – Part One | The Reticule

641d ago - Chris writes: During the Eurogamer Expo I was able to check out the Far Cry 3 demo a couple of ti... | PC

WhatCulture: Far Cry 3 Preview: Far From The Average Shooter

641d ago - Eurogamer 2012: Being chased by a bear cements Far Cry 3′s potential as a game of the year conten... | PC
70° Preview: Farcry 3 EuroGamer 2012 Breakdown with Video

645d ago - On Thursday 27th Sept, we managed to get quite a lot of time with Farcry 3 gameplay, amongst thos... | PC

The Gaming Vault Hands-On: Far Cry 3 (PC)

645d ago - The Gaming Vault writes: "Ever since I was a lad, I had always hoped that somebody would make... | PC

Far Cry 3 Hands on Preview |

645d ago - Clickonline writes: "Other players had different experiences and that was the beauty of the open... | PC

Far Cry 3

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