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User Review : Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

  • No FC3 Required
  • 1980s Humor
  • Neon-style Visuals on Certain Areas
  • Few Activities
  • Few Weapons
  • No In-Game Cut Scenes

Mark IV style, mother******!

How should I begin this review? A downloadable content for the critically acclaimed Far Cry 3 which was a big improvement from Far Cry 2 that isn't even related to the game's main plot line, nor the characters. What is that DLC then? Just say that you bring the action science-fiction movies from the '80s and add silly and cheesy innuendos, and music and guess what? You just summed up the idea of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, and you know what? It is one of the best downloadable contents I have ever played. Ubisoft sure made a gamble with this one but it sure did pay off!


Far Cry 3 is an action adventure standalone downloadable content for Far Cry 3. What it means is that you don't need Far Cry 3 to play Blood Dragon which is a big plus in my personal opinion since there could be people who don't have enough money for Far Cry 3 but they could buy Blood Dragon so good move on that Ubisoft.

It parodies '80s action and science-fiction movies with one-liners and cheesy quotes from many characters and enemies, and it doesn't really contain a significant story line. This game isn't made to make you sympathetic about the characters and the world around you, you just have fun with the cheesy humor, Far Cry 3 style sandbox game play, and explosions... Who doesn't like explosions?


The game is set in an alternative 2007 when there are cyber soldiers instead of normal soldiers in the battlefield. You play as a Mark IV Cyber Commando called Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt, your typical '80s action hero who just wants to honor America by killing its enemies, and be loyal to his country. That's when an elite agent went rogue who was named Colonel Sloan, your typical '80s action villain.

What should I say about the story line? It is kind of obvious that it parodies the action movies with the characters, the events in the game, the comic book-style cut scenes, and the lines. You are playing this game to laugh at its story, not to be dramatic and complain about the lackluster plot. If you think that way then you are playing the wrong game.


If you played Far Cry 3 then you are going to be at home with this game. If not though, then let me start explaining. You are in a sandbox map waiting to be explored which has activities to do, collectibles to collect, animals to hunt and kill, and Garrisons to liberate which are bases that can be captured from the enemies for your allies.

The game has fewer weapons than Far Cry 3 since it is a standalone downloadable content so don't expect much from it. You get weapons like bow, a sniper rifle called Kobracon, a pistol called A.J.M. 9, and few more. There are 8 weapons and 4 explosive gadgets in Rex's disposal for his daring mission. I wanted more weapons though since Far Cry 3 had a good amount of weapons in the game so it is a negative in my opinion but it doesn't have a huge effect on my personal enjoyment.

The exploration in Blood Dragon is extremely similar to Far Cry 3 but different from it too. Unlike in Far Cry 3, Rex has enhanced abilities thanks to his cyborg body so he runs faster, jumps higher, swims faster and breaths underwater, and etcetera so you can just run around the map instead of looking for vehicle. It would be an advantage since vehicles can't jump on top of the hills, and it could be a little bit slower than Rex himself but it is the player's choice to explore however he wants.

The activities in this game are unfortunately few but they are fun to play. There are Hostage Rescues in which you have to save the nerdy scientists from the enemy's hands before they get shot to pieces...or just shot. It is recommended to use stealth in those type of missions since the enemies will kill the scientist fast enough if you don't have a tactical gun-blazing plan so stealth would make it easier. Then there is Predator's Path in which like Far Cry 3, you use the weapon the quest gives you to kill a certain rare animal in the game. After you finish the side missions, you get attachments for you to buy to upgrade your weapons.

You could have a choice to go crazy with your guns against the enemies like Rambo or be quiet but deadly. No I don't mean by farting quietly that would kill enemies, I meant killing enemies while crouching behind them then throw a shuriken to his nearby friend and continue on with a trusty bow. It is your choice how to complete missions and liberate garrisons, just be careful with Blood Dragons. They have poor eyesight so you can just stealthily move around them with crouch but if you did a mistake, that dragon would either bite you, claw you, or shoot you with lasers from its eyes. The thing is that they aren't that challenging once you either know their tactics and their weakness, or you get the final weapon of the game and be in the highest level which is disappointing since the Blood Dragons could have had the chance to be the enemies you don't want to mess with.


The graphics are appealing when you see the '80s neon around some areas and your bow, the enemies look good on their black armor with reddish glow on the outlines, while others can just have yellowish armor, and some having silver armor. The weapons look detailed in my opinion, and they comic book-style cut scenes are nice to look at but I wished that there were some in-game cut scenes. The game doesn't have jaw dropping visuals but if you are a fan of '80s science fiction movies then you are going to love this one.


The soundtrack of the game is great to listen to if you love the music from 1980s but it isn't as great as Hotline Miami's in my personal opinion but that doesn't mean I didn't loved the soundtrack of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

The voice acting of course isn't that great but that is the point, you just hear one-liners for Rex and other characters and just laugh. You aren't going to hear Rex crying or something like that. You are just going to hear his humor over killing enemies and etcetera. You are playing as a typical '80s action hero, not someone who has a tragedy and trying to redeem himself so seriously, don't expect top notch voice acting from Rex and other characters.


This game is worth the money in my opinion, and it is currently battling against Knife of Dunwall in terms of the best DLC I have witnessed or played. It is also for almost three dollars on PSN Sale so I urge you all to get this game and try it out. You won't regret it and you won't need Far Cry 3 to play this DLC.

Now excuse me, I am going to kill some more enemies with my bow and give one-liners from Rex "Power" Colt.

The neon visuals are nice to see in terms of 1980s culture but it isn't jaw dropping
I love the OST of the game but I have heard better '80s music in other games like Hotline Miami
The exploration is better and easier, the garrisons are fun to liberate, and the activities are fun but they are few. Blood Dragons are fun and challenging at first but when you are the highest level and have the last weapon, they are easy and repetitive.
Fun Factor
This game can be explored after you finish the game so you can collect stuff, hunt animals, do activities, liberate garrisons, and well... Cause carnage.
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stellar_creep1549d ago

I agree with each point you made. Farcry 3 was one of my favorite action games of all time and was very happy with this DLC. It's a bit short, but as you mentioned the low price, that can hardly be a legit complaint.
Great review.

FogLight1548d ago

Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed the review :)