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Free Fallout 1,2 and Fallout Tactics at GoG.com

260d ago - GoG.com is running a special promo for Fallout 1, 2, and Fallout Tactics which discounts the titl... | PC

Morality in gaming: The good, the bad and the odd

266d ago - "Much like the duality between good and evil itself, gameplay based on moral decisions can either... | Xbox

Fall Out and Elder Scrolls studio trademarks a "Void" Engine

288d ago - "Void Engine Powered by Id Tech" was the complete describable name of the engine recently tradema... | Tech

Top 16 Best PC RPGs of All Time

322d ago - Gameranx: "Gameranx takes a look at 16 of the best PC role-playing games of all time." | PC

Metro Redux (PS4) Review

Now - Ken returns to the Metro for this amazing remaster. | Promoted post

Weekly Digital: Let it Rain on your parade

327d ago - "If you can give Grand Theft Auto Online a rest (as difficult as that may be), there are quite a... | PC

The 10 Best Video Game Intros: Part 2

407d ago - So which video game intros are the greatest of all time? Before I answer this politically explos... | Arcade

Fallout Fan-film looks pretty official

411d ago - All you Fallout fans out there get ready, this Fan made film is going to blow you away. | Culture

Fallout: Nuka Break - Red Star [Full-Length Fan Film Based On Fallout]

413d ago - Machinima has posted the full length fan film that is based on the Fallout series, Fallout: Nuka... | PC

Let's Rank The Fallout Games, Best To Worst

427d ago - Kotaku - In the 16 years since the Fallout franchise was introduced to the world, all of the game... | Culture

Seven Big Names Mysteriously Absent from Next Gen (So Far)

428d ago - StickSkills looks at some big names we haven't heard from yet in all the next-gen hubbub. | PS4

Exploring the Gaming Atlas or What’s Next for Old Settings

446d ago - AlienLion: If you consider how many video games have been made in the history of the whole wid... | Culture

Escape From Mount Stupid- History of Fallout

469d ago - GS:Danny goes on a trip to our irradiated future in this Fallout episode of Escape From Mount Stu... | Culture

Time Extend: Fallout

474d ago - EDGE: "Videogames are usually built upon the fantastical, but so often they neglect to nurture a... | PC

VGS Radio: Analysis of Xbox Announcement and Chris Avellone Interview!

490d ago - News of the Week: Xbox 360 Reveal, Tetris Helps your Eyes and PRAISE BE TO KIFFLOM! Starts at 2:... | PC

The 5 Worst Video Game Exploits By Players

491d ago - Dan from DC writes: Humans are pretty amazing creatures. In the short time we’ve been on this pla... | PC

Fallout Monopoly - Creative Fanboy Genius

497d ago - One of the coolest fan made gifts one could give another -- Fallout Monopoly! | Culture

Fan creates an amazing Fallout Monopoly game

504d ago - Everyone dreams of that perfect present, the one that makes you well up with tears just thinking... | Culture

Fallout Series Retrospective - Fallout 1

510d ago - Faulty Pixel begins its retrospective on the Fallout series of games with this look at Fallout 1... | PC

What is the Best Gaming Trilogy? Gaming Roundtable

535d ago - The VGU.TV staff discuss what they believe are the best gaming trilogies of all time. | PC

Awesomely detailed Fallout cosplay

546d ago - Artist creates awesomely detailed standard NCR veteran ranger from the Fallout universe. | Culture

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into the latest in the Tales series. | Promoted post

Celebrity Video Game Voice-Overs You May Not Have Noticed

562d ago - Behind all great characters in games lie hard-working actors that bring them to life. Here are so... | Culture

Fallout New Vegas 2 Rumor and My thoughts on what it means

563d ago - Obsidian‘s CEO Feargus Urquhart talked briefly about his vision of a new Fallout game and the pos... | Culture

From RPG to FPS in Four Easy Steps

577d ago - When it comes time to do an FPS lan party, do you have that one friend that didn't like to join i... | Culture

The Land of The Video Game Apocalypse | In Case of Survival

582d ago - A rundown of some of the best and worse apocalyptic scenarios in video games. | Culture

New Fallout Game is on the Way - Voice Actor Tweets

597d ago - The Voice actor, Erik Todd Dellums, widely known for his role of radio DJ "Three Dog" in the post... | PC


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