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872d ago ... This is a subject that I want to hopefully clarify, because there seems to be some confusion here. I remember a while back, when Dishonored came out, people were refusing to buy Dishonored because it had Bethesda stamped on it. They, mostly PS3 owners, were angry because of Bethesda's debacle and mishandling of the PS3 version of TESV:Skyrim, resulting in the PS3 version suffering stuttering fr...

Fallout 4, what it should take from Skyrim and NV

1006d ago ... Alright, with the recent news of Bethesda doing research in Boston(a.k.a. the Commonwealth) I think you should take a look at what Bethesda should integrate from Skyrim and New Vegas. Now, personally I wasn't a fan of Obsidian's New Vegas, I felt it had a some valid points but fell flat on what caught me on to Fallout 3. I found my self being able to play through Fallout 3 3 and a half times...

Adiction-simplicity ratio.

1562d ago ... Remember Pac Man, Tetris, Asteroids, Pong?If your answer is yes, then you are the same as hundreds of thousands of gamers who have a memory relating one or more of those games.But since then,things in the gaming industry have changed,but does that mean that there are no longer programmers as creative as Toru Iwatani or Alexey Pajitnov? I know what you're gonna say,graphics and advanced technol...

Sequels Slump: What's Wrong with the Industry?

1586d ago ... Game sequels have been popping out faster than anyone can play them. It appears that for every original intellectual property we get, there are at least two sequels that we have to suffer through. Just look at games like Fable 3 or Fallout New Vegas. These are games that offer slightly more content with kinda improved graphics for the same game play you already had. Sure there are some new w...

My Game of the Year Awards

1616d ago ... Alright everyone. It's that time of the year again. It's the VGAs. And as always there was plenty of Bull with the awards. Here's the list of the games I think should have won. Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2 Runner up: God of War III Studio of the Year: Bioware Runner up: Quantic Dreams Character of the Year: Commander Shepard Runner up: Ezio Xbox360 Game of the Year: Mass Effe...

GOTY Awards

1624d ago ... Well I do this every year, because I don't agree with many of the choices the major websites pick, as it seems like they're trying to push certain games over others. So here's my GOTY awards. Best Action-Adventure Winner: God of War 3 Runner Up: Red Dead Redemption Honorable Mentions: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bayonetta, Darksiders, God of War Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid...

Is New Vegas any good?

1662d ago ... New Vegas will be a game you will love ,hate,hate to love or love to hate. I hate the game. I have tried fallout New Vegas twice.I played the game on the ps3 and 360 .I came away from the game with the same feeling; this sucks. If you bought this game and never played prior fallout games I am sure you will hate New Vegas. You will be lost and walk around for 20 reatime hours before the game re...
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