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Fable: The Journey Previews  

USA Today Preview: Sit back and enjoy 'Fable: The Journey'

1220d ago - So far, game experiences fall into two categories: casual titles in which players stand in front... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Preview | Console Monster

1220d ago - Tim Leigh: "The Fable series has always been known for its epic tales filled with magic, adventur... | Xbox 360

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Fable The Journey impressions: for every motion, a consequence | VG247

1220d ago - Fable: The Journey is another chance for Microsoft to prove Kinect’s worth to the hardcore. VG247... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Preview - TGH

1221d ago - "When Kinect launched for the Xbox 360 two years ago, Microsoft were championing it as the future... | Xbox 360

All Things Xbox Preview of Lionhead’s Fable: The Journey

1223d ago - Recently we’ve had the opportunity to get our hands on a near complete build of the latest additi... | Xbox 360

A class of its own: three hours with Fable: The Journey | OXM UK

1229d ago - OXM UK: "It's the only time I've played a Kinect game and left it feeling slightly exhilarated, i... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey - Preview - Mature-Gaming

1230d ago - Alex Lemcovich takes a look at Lionhead Studios latest offering. Video preview included. | Xbox 360

Hands-on with Fable The Journey: can Lionhead’s experiment redefine Kinect? | Edge

1230d ago - Edge: "Three hours isn’t enough to determine whether this physical element can enhance the emotio... | Xbox 360

Preview: Fable: The Journey [eGamer]

1230d ago - What's in store for us with the latest entry in the Fable franchise? | Xbox 360

GamesAsylum - Fable: The Journey demo impressions

1232d ago - What did GamesAsylum think of Fable: The Journey? | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Hands On Preview | The Controller Online

1232d ago - Scott from The Controller Online writes: "After Fable 3, the question on everyone’s mind probably... | Xbox 360

Hands-On Preview: Fable: The Journey - Electronic Theatre

1232d ago - Lionhead Studios’ forthcoming Fable: The Journey isn’t just an unusual Fable title, it’s a differ... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Preview (Strategy Informer)

1233d ago - From "I’ll be the first to admit that, when I first heard about Fable: The... | Xbox 360

Spong: Fable: The Journey Preview

1235d ago - Spong: Microsoft isn’t giving up on Kinect. It has a good thing going with the Xbox 360 Dashboard... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Hands-On Preview | Dealspwn

1236d ago - Dealspwn: "It's clear to see that Lionhead have tried to work within Kinect's confines, and that'... | Xbox 360

Hands-On With Fable: The Journey - The Average Gamer

1237d ago - You’re kept quite busy on your journey. Every 60 to 90 seconds you’ll come across a rest stop or... | Xbox 360

CVG- Fable The Journey Preview: A slow-burning quest through Albion

1237d ago - CVG- Fable: The Journey got off to the worst possible start - a hands-off E3 2011 demo showcasing... | Xbox 360

GamesRadar - Fable: The Journey Preview

1238d ago - GamesRadar - Race horses and cast magic spells with no controller in hand. | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Hands-On | Gamereactor UK

1238d ago - GR-UK writes: "It's refreshing to have a lead character who's a bit of a twat. And it's very easy... | Xbox 360

'Fable: The Journey' preview (Digital Spy) Three hours with the Kinect adventure

1238d ago - Digital Spy writes: "Fable: The Journey is a new direction for Microsoft's celebrated role-playin... | Xbox 360

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Kotaku - Fable Finally Feels Intense. But It’s The Horse That Made Me Care.

1238d ago - Kotaku - Forget the hero of Albion. Theresa—a prophetic seer who has appeared in all the previous... | Xbox 360

X360A - Fable: The Journey Hands-On Preview – My Horse and Me

1238d ago - X360A - It's not as bad as you think. In fact it's not even as bad as we may have led you to beli... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey extended hands-on preview | OXM

1238d ago - OXM: "Even though Peter Molyneux isn't at Lionhead Studios anymore, that doesn't mean it would be... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey hands-on preview | BeefJack

1238d ago - BeefJack: "Despite crippling backlash, Kinect-based side project Fable: The Journey takes the ser... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Preview | Destructoid

1238d ago - Destructoid: "And now we have Fable: The Journey, a title with a lot to prove, as it's been takin... | Xbox 360
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Fable: The Journey

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