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Fable: The Journey Kinect criticism "unfair", say Fable's creators

1248d ago - Eurogamer: Fable's creators have called on gamers to give Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journe... | Xbox 360

Molyneux strikes again with big Fable talk

1274d ago - Peter Molyneux talked up his latest Fable game, but is it just hot air or real game changing cont... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

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Molyneux slams game controllers as 'tedious and boring'

1276d ago - Peter Molyneux launches a fierce attack on ‘tedious and boring’ game controllers, revealing how h... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux Is Leaving Lionhead Studios and Microsoft, Will Finish Kinect Fable

1276d ago - Kotaku writes: "Peter Molyneux, one of the most respected video game developers in the world and... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux: “Fable: The Journey is a RPG fullstop”

1278d ago - Peter Molyneux, Lionhead studios boss assures fans that Fable: The Journey is a RPG and explains... | Xbox 360

Molyneux upset as journalist stabs horse

1278d ago - One of the more amusing moments of the Microsoft Spring Showcase event was talk of a particular j... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey release date outed accidentally, new screenshots

1278d ago - Xbox.com accidentally announced the release date for Fable: The Journey before changing it. | Xbox 360

Molyneux “bored” of samey modern games

1478d ago - Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux says he enjoys modern videogames, but admits that he’s getting bored of... | Xbox 360

Molyneux Loves That 'Kinect Is Less Precise Than Controller'

1479d ago - NowGamer: Fable developer thinks Kinect brings an 'element of realism'. | Xbox 360

Xbox Week in Review: 8/12/11

1481d ago - James of VividGamer.com Writes: "With just one more game left for this years Summer Of Arcade,... | Xbox 360

No melee combat in Fable: The Journey because Kinect can't do recoil

1485d ago - OXM UK: "Lionhead mulled over the possibility of building old-style Fable combat into Fable: The... | Xbox 360

How Fable: The Journey will "compel" you to buy Kinect - Molyneux

1492d ago - OXM UK: "Hardcore gamer distrust for Microsoft's Kinect is down to a shortage of challenge and im... | Xbox 360

Fable artist: It's "difficult to be unique" with Unreal Engine

1507d ago - Fable: The Journey's lead artist Tak Saito has praised Epic's Unreal Engine, but admitted that it... | Xbox 360

How Fable: The Journey will appeal to both mainstream and casual audiences

1507d ago - Lionhead chose the Unreal Engine and a tweaked visual design to ensure that Fable: The Journey ap... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey about 'freedom' in design and how you play

1509d ago - Peter Molyneux says the first word on the wall "when we were designing this game" was 'freedom',... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux: “I want to make you cry”

1526d ago - 4Player - "Fable: The Journey, Lionhead’s next entry into the Fable franchise and first in the se... | Xbox 360

Molyneux Raises Personal Points of Pride About Fable: The Journey

1526d ago - Peter Molyneux talks at Gamelab about Fable: The Journey, and what some of its pros will be. | Xbox 360

Milo tech 'used in Fable The Journey'

1527d ago - Develop-online: Peter Molyneux on promise-spree for upcoming project | Xbox 360

Molyneux bored with modern games' 'sameness'

1528d ago - Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has admitted that he's becoming bored of the "sameness" of modern bl... | Xbox 360

Playable Fable: The Journey Gamescom builds to fix "huge faults" with E3 demo

1529d ago - OXM UK: "Lionhead intends to deliver playable Fable: The Journey builds at Gamescom in August, ac... | Xbox 360

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Black & White's creatures informed Fable: The Journey - Molyneux

1535d ago - Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux says Fable: The Journey’s player/horse relationship was inspired by Bla... | Xbox 360

Molyneux Spouts Off About Kinect

1536d ago - Peter Molyneux is notorious for taking the stage at E3 and spouting off about how awesome the nex... | Xbox 360

Gary Carr Talks Fable: The Journey at E3

1538d ago - Gary Carr's E3 presentation on Fable: The Journey. Watch the video below or click the link to rea... | Xbox 360

CVG - Fable: The Journey 'is a core game' - Molyneux

1546d ago - Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Fable: The Journey is being designed as a core game. Speakin... | Xbox 360

Molyneux: Fable Kinect demo a "horrendous mistake"

1547d ago - OXM UK: The ever-divisive Peter Molyneux has spoken out once again about Fable: The Journey's E3... | Xbox 360

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