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Fable: The Journey Interview with Gary Carr | TheGameJar

1100d ago - Jennifer Taylor @ TheGameJar.com - "Jenn chats to the Creative Director at Lionhead, Gary Carr, a... | Xbox 360

X360A - Fable: The Journey Interview - Horsing Around With Lionhead

1101d ago - X360A - With a disastrous E3 unveiling, top talent walking out and the suggestion that Kinect cou... | Xbox 360

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

GS Expo '12: Fable: The Journey Hands-On Impressions

1131d ago - 8bitfix writes: Ah, Fable. How you have changed the way I have played games and, in a way, made m... | Xbox 360

Has The Journey betrayed Fable? Lionhead tackles the biggest fan fears

1177d ago - OXM UK: "What's happened to traditional Fable, with its open-ended vistas, skilfully blended thir... | Xbox 360

Interview: Fable: The Journey (Gamerlive.tv)

1198d ago - Surprisingly not as corny as you might think. | Xbox 360

E3 2012: Fable: The Journey Developer Interview

1217d ago - RPG Site:"Lionhead's Gary Carr has quite the illustrious career. After our interview I learned he... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey E3 Interview | Gamereactor UK

1219d ago - GRUK's Gillen McAllister cornered Lionhead's Gary Carr and Ted Timmins to talk about the next gam... | Xbox 360

GameTrailers: Fable: The Journey - E3 2012: Interview

1220d ago - Peter Molyneux grills Lyonhead's Creative Director, Gary Car, on the newest title of the Fable fr... | PC

Sleight of hand: Peter Molyneux’s final Journey [VG247]

1298d ago - Peter Molyneux’s final PR effort before quitting Microsoft was with Fable: The Journey in the US... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux - Fable: The Journey GRTV Interview | Gamereactor UK

1311d ago - GR-UK: Molyneux fun fact - horses don't like him. That's one factoid that spills out from our vid... | Xbox 360

How Fable: The Journey will use the Kinect in revolutionary ways (interview with Peter Molyneux)

1312d ago - Game designer Peter Molyneux discusses in detail how the latest Fable will use the Kinect in neve... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux Interview – Fable: The Journey

1513d ago - Lionhead developer gives NowGamer the lowdown on his Kinect adventure. | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux: 'They used to criticise the PC mouse... Kinect will take time'

1549d ago - The gaming legend on Milo, Kinect and the Amiga... | Xbox 360

Molyneux: "Without games I'd be nothing." | Gamereactor UK

1554d ago - GR-UK: "The creator of such classic as Populous, Black & White and Fable, was present at the Barc... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux Interview (Cont'd) [GamingUnion.net]

1570d ago - Continuing our chat with the iconic game designer... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux Interview (GamingUnion.net)

1571d ago - Peter Molyneux has a long, storied history in gaming. From the first god game in the 80s to the F... | Xbox 360

E3 2011: Peter Molyneux Fable: The Journey Interview [RPG Site]

1577d ago - The visionary designer chats to RPG Site about how Fable: The Journey isn't on rails, how Kinect... | Xbox 360

Why Peter Molyneux Asked Me to Sign A Wall Saying Fable: The Journey Is ‘Not’ On Rails

1578d ago - While Molyneux is somewhat infamous within the gaming world for dreaming big and delivering games... | Xbox 360
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