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Eight Kinect Games That Deserve a Second Chance on Xbox One

674d ago - GameZone - For a device that’s included in every box, Xbox One’s version of the Kinect hasn’t rec... | Xbox One

The Best Kinect Game I Ever Played

763d ago - What could happen if the Xbox One motion controller got things right? | Xbox 360

Enter to Win an Amazon Gift Card and GameMaker: Studio Professional

Now - Today we are giving away three (3) $25 Amazon Gift Cards and a copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional. | Promoted post

Remember These: The Most Divisive Games On Xbox 360

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The Failings of the Kinect Two Years Later

908d ago - "The Kinect for the Microsoft Xbox 360 was one of those peripherals that at the time looked like... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games 2012

930d ago - kidzworld.com: It's been seven years since the Xbox 360 came out, but the console is still going... | Xbox 360

GamerTell’s 10 Worst Games of 2012

934d ago - Want to know what some of the most horrible games of 2012 were? GamerTell has a list of 10 that i... | PC

Fable: The Journey – A Successful Proof of Concept

944d ago - Brash Games writes "As great game as Fable: The Journey is (and it is great), it’s let down const... | Xbox 360

Is this the best looking Kinect only game

990d ago - Kinect games generally have suffered in the visual department but is this game the best looking t... | Xbox 360

The Future of Kinect

999d ago - "In a highly amusing video released yesterday on Kotaku, the various problems plaguing Microsoft’... | Xbox 360

Predicting Metacritic - Fable: The Journey

1001d ago - While everyone gets giddy over the mega-releases of Dishonored and XCOM, Gamers-Association.com f... | Xbox 360

"Why I Won’t Be Buying Fable: The Journey"

1006d ago - Marron Marvel "Fable: The Journey will be arriving in stores on October 9th, and many of my frien... | Xbox 360

Eight Must Buy Games in October 2012

1008d ago - October 2012 is here and guess what it comes with a ton of big upcoming games, leaving gamers acr... | PC

October Release Roundup - Action/Adventure

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Peripheral Vision: why the console is no longer enough

1013d ago - HDTV, Motion Plus, Smartglass - all are increasingly 'as standard', but why? Aren't these "innova... | Wii

New Trailer For Fable: The Journey - What Were They Thinking?

1014d ago - Max Kelly analyses the latest trailer for Fable: The Journey, commenting on where exactly they we... | Xbox 360

How The Kinect Killed Immersion

1019d ago - In a new weekly blog for IBTimes UK, Ed Smith looks at how the Xbox Kinect is spoiling immersive... | Arcade

Is Fable: The Journey a Genius Spinoff or Franchise Suicide?

1021d ago - Lionhead Studios founder and Fable creator Peter Molyneux is gone, and with him all of his grandi... | Xbox 360

Fable The Journey Will Silence Kinect Critics, 10 Minutes Of Gameplay

1022d ago - Fable The Journey is one of those games that is going to get a lot of hate, without anyone actual... | Xbox 360

5 Movies You’ve Got to Check Out This Week While Gaming

1035d ago - There are several movies and television shows to watch while you play video games, and this artic... | Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Achievements Groan-Inducing

1047d ago - Lionhead decided to go the humorous route -- as with the concept of the game itself. | Xbox 360

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

4 Upcoming Gaming Sequels That Make Us Mad

1047d ago - WC writes: Every so often a game comes around that really changes the playing field. It’s differe... | PC

Why Fable fans need to get on with The Journey

1050d ago - OXM - Fable: The Journey is a lovely game. It's also an incredibly perverse one, a franchise rese... | Xbox 360

What the Heck Happened to Fable?

1067d ago - A big fan of the original, Cassidee from Leviathyn.com takes a look at the troubled Fable franchi... | Xbox 360

Dear Lionhead... Please Fix Fable!

1070d ago - Planet Ivy examines what is wrong with the Fable franchise and what can be done to improve it. | Xbox

Fable: The Journey or “Where Oh Where Has My Fabled Dog Gone”

1105d ago - Melisa Snyder of The Married Gamers looks forward to the new Fable game coming out this October,... | Culture
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Fable: The Journey

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