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The Identity of N4G

648d ago ... I've been a part of News4Gamers, a.k.a N4G, since Aug. 17, 2007. That means a long time; not the longest but long enough. I've been here for the Open Zone and the original fanboy trolls that no longer post here. When you've been here long enough, or possibly lurk here long enough without joining, you'll see a common statement made these days. "Screw this site, it's filled with Sony fanboys"...

Are we ready for Next-Gen?

817d ago ... The question I have for everyone is "Are we ready for Next-Gen?" or are Sony and Microsoft releasing new consoles too soon? A year ago I would've said yes I am ready, I was getting tired of Xbox 360 and PS3. I kept telling people how much I wanted something new refreshing, and interesting. The PS4 reveal was when I thought really hard about it and how much we aren't really ready for a new conso...

A harsh but honest criticism of Xbox One

908d ago ... I can safely say I’m known for my harsh criticism of Microsoft, not just here on N4G but all over and even among friends. The root of my disparagement is often dismissed as blind fanboyism and I understand this need to discredit my opinion in the absence of a compelling argument but, whether you believe me or not, it actually stems from what was once great admiration. Admiration of great hard...

Reasons xbox 360 will transcend gaming to dominate 2011 and beyond

1710d ago ... Microsoft’s Plans for the future of XBOX 360 AND LIVE Everyone seems to be counting Microsoft out theses days. The fact that the X360 has been out five years and Microsoft has not said anything about its plans for 2011 has everyone running scared. They also have not showed any “hardcore” games besides GOW 3 and Forza 4. I believe the opposite is true and Microsoft is gearing up to take the Xbo...

One-Hundred Plus?

2045d ago ... An opinion about possible features for and expansion of Xbox 360 friends lists.
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