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Evoland Review | The Maul Squad

490d ago - Ultimately what you’ll get out of Evoland depends on where you sit in the grand gamer spectrum. I... | PC

Evoland Review | HAL

506d ago - Isaac Wagner: "There's some magic to be had in the early goings as Evoland evolves, following the... | PC

Not Nostalgic: A Review of Evoland

512d ago - Pixels or Death decides to take a look at the seemingly nostalgia-fueled Evoland. | PC

Evoland Review | ComboCaster

529d ago - Evoland can be nice to reminisce about the good old days of the NES or SNES. Listen songs typical... | PC

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Evoland review: We've come a long way, baby [SideQuesting]

534d ago - Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes: "Evoland provides an interesting way to archive the hist... | PC

Evoland Review - Gaming Nexus

558d ago - From the review: "Evoland is a great concept but comes across as more of a “proof of concept” tha... | PC

Evoland | Good Game SP Review

567d ago - Unfortunately, Evoland is just style over substance and it doesn't do gaming's retro past justice. | PC

Review: Evoland | Super PolyPixel

571d ago - Super PolyPixel - Evoland had humble beginnings. It started off as Evoland Classic at the Ludum D... | PC

Evoland Review | Awesome Games

573d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'Old school adventure RPGs have a very special place in my heart... | PC

Indie Game HQ Review: ‘Evoland’ by Shiro Games

579d ago - In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, Nathan took a look at Evoland by Shiro Games. Evoland was origi... | PC

Evoland Review | DarkStation

579d ago - DarkStation: "Evoland seems like a fun experiment that would have been more exciting to have seen... | PC

Evoland Review | Game Podunk

587d ago - GP writer Marcus Estrada reviews Evoland on PC. | PC

Evoland Review - Dusty Cartridge

588d ago - Javy from DC writes: Evoland is one big meta-joke, and it manages to pull off its gags most of th... | PC

Evoland Review: A Fitting Tribute to the RPG Genre - eXophase

595d ago - eXophase: "If you’ve ever invested hours upon hours of your life on classic RPGs, you should prob... | PC

Evoland Review- Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - The Koalition

595d ago - The Koalition writes: "Many developers attempt to sell us retro styled games to appeal to our nos... | PC

Pop Cults - Evoland Review

595d ago - Tiarra of PopCults.com writes "Every once in a while, an indie game will appear that makes you ju... | PC

Evoland review | Thunderbolt

602d ago - Nick Vracar, Thunderbolt writes: Evoland is the kind of game that wishes to be endearing to the... | PC

Evoland Review | NZGamer

603d ago - NZGamer: "Despite the messy execution, there are moments of true beauty hidden inside Evoland (un... | PC

Evoland Review | Gorilla Film Magazine

603d ago - Gorilla Film Magazine reviews Evoland, an inventive journey through the history of RPGs and adven... | PC

Diehard GameFAN: Evoland Review

604d ago - DHGF: Evoland is a little indie title that chronicles the evolution of the Japanese RPG genre fro... | PC

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Evoland Video Review - Darwinian Theory Applied to Zelda | Leviathyn

605d ago - Aaron reviews Evoland for the PC and finds out what happens when you apply Darwinian theory to Ze... | PC

Neocrisis: Evoland Review

605d ago - Neocrisis: Evoland...Can its evolving nature keep you interested? Read on to find out. | PC

Evoland Review | SnackBarGames

606d ago - SnackBarGames: "By no stretch is Evoland bad. I found myself enjoying a lot of what this game had... | PC

Evoland Review - The Refined Geek

608d ago - Evoland serves as a great history book, detailing the many transitions that adventure games have... | PC

Evoland (PC) | FTG Review

608d ago - FTG Writes: Remember the SNES RPG era? That was a great time. How about the Playstation RPG era?... | PC
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